Your April 2021 Sex Horoscope Is All About What You Want In Bed

You’ve got a solid, sexy month ahead. Are you ready for it?

Venus is hanging out in Aries for the first half of the month, making you laser-focused on getting what you want in bed. The full moon on the 26th is also super-sensual for you. Intense stuff is going to be happening between you and your S.O.—mentally and physically. You’ll feel some serious passion happening between you two and, heads up: There might be a teensy bit of jealousy in the mix, too. (Try to resist the urge to peruse your partner’s phone: It never goes anywhere good.)

In between all that passion, you might say a thing or two you regret. It’s not relationship-ending stuff, but maybe think now about the best way to respond if your S.O. asks what you really think of their mom.

Here’s what else is in store for you this month, according to Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

It’s a sweet month for your love life, Aries, and it’s all thanks to Venus hanging out in your sign for the first half of the month. Your S.O. will bring you coffee in bed, surprise you with flowers, and just generally adore you for the goddess that you are. Revel in all that attention—you so deserve it.

On the 14th, Venus moves into a sector of your chart about finances, making you want to splurge a little on new lingerie. That’s handy, because the full moon on the 26th is in a sensual part of your chart. You’ll connect on a deeper level with someone else, whether it’s your longtime steady partner or a person you just met. Either way, it’ll feel electric.

You’ve got a luscious love life ahead of you this month, Taurus. Are you ready for it? Venus is in your house of secrets, pushing you to fantasize about the perfect love. Do you have it RN or is there room for improvement? When Venus moves into your sign on the 14th, it stirs up a sweet energy for you, making you feel all kinds of sexy. Go with it—it’ll create some memorable moments in bed.

The full moon on the 26th is in your house of partnerships, making you mull over what does and doesn’t work for you in relationships. So, have a chat about balance with your S.O. You’ll come away from it even stronger.

Grab your S.O. and get out, Gem. You need to take some QT for yourselves. You’ll start to fantasize about what’s possible for the two of you. What do you want to do and achieve as a couple? As long as you work together, you’ll be unstoppable. Just a heads up: You might feel a little scattered this month between everything you’ve got going on.

The full moon on the 26th is a really passionate, sexual energy for you. Don’t let it go to waste. Pluto doubles down on those vibes at the end of the month, helping you—and your partner—to finish April on a high note.

You’ve got your own thing going on, Cancer, but you’re going to run into someone new and very interesting through being out and about. Already coupled up? You’ll feel a little more comfortable venturing out with your partner. Take a walk and revel in the fresh air, or pack a picnic to enjoy in a park. The little outdoorsy things will feel sooo good.

If you’re single, just a heads up: Your friends really, really want to hook you up with someone. Don’t turn them down—this is a connection you’ll want to make. The full moon on the 26th is in your house of romance and dating, making it the perfect time to break out your good sheets.

Keep your eyes open out there, Leo. Someone you’re interacting with on the reg is interested in you. When Venus moves into Taurus on the 14th, it stirs up a sensual energy for you. Roll with it, because you and your S.O. might kinda-totally have a slight disagreement on the 19th. It’s not major, but keep in mind how clutch it is to see the other side of things.

The full moon on the 26th is super-passionate for you. You’ll be all about having deep talks with your partner, and spending hours in bed. Don’t let it go to waste.

There’s plenty of steamy sex straight ahead for you, Virgo. The new moon on the 11th is in a part of your chart that super intuitive and intimate, making it the perfect time to go deep with someone. If you’re single, you’ll mull over what you do and don’t want in relationships.

Also, are you willing to take a risk for love, or are you not quite there yet? Around the end of the month, there’s an intense Scorpio energy that makes you feel like opening up to someone special. Don’t be afraid to share those deep thoughts: They’ll bring you and your partner even closer.

Do you tend to take charge in your relationships or let someone else make decisions, without thinking about your needs? The new moon on the 11th will make you wonder. If things aren’t balanced, it’s time to speak up.

Single? You’ll be ready to have someone pursue you. After all, you’re worth it. On the 14th, Venus moves into the intimate side of your chart, making you crave touch. So, swap massages with your S.O.—it’ll feel so good.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your phone when you’re doing your usual, but look up here and there: Someone special is in your orbit. You’ll suddenly notice someone that you always pass on the street but never really see.

Already in a relationship? The full moon on the 26th is in your sign, making it a sweet time for you. Heads up: A little jealousy might seep into your love life. Just brush it off—you know what you and your S.O. have together.

Sexiness is swirling all around you—are you ready for it? The new moon on the 11th is in your house of romance, making it a super sensual time for you. Grab your S.O. and hang out in bed. You’ll create some new memories together.

Mars pushes you this month to make an actual date with your partner (remember those?). Towards the end of the month, you’ll meet someone special while you’re doing your usual thing. So, don’t be shocked if you lock eye with someone at Starbucks. The full moon on the 26th makes you want to get away from it all with your partner. Turn off your phones, close the door, and just be together. It’ll feel so good.

It’s time to get back to basics, Capricorn. The Sun moves into your house of dating and romance on the 19th, making you ready to get back to the things you used to love to do with your S.O. Whether it’s wine tasting at yours or long walks in the park, you’ll feel so good together when you do them.

If you’re single, you’ll meet someone new on the 14th, just by getting out there. The full moon on the 26th is in your house of friendship, making it the perfect time to have deep talks with your partner. Grab a few beers, kick back in a lounger, and just have a good hang. You’ll leave the convo feeling so connected.

Sure, you talk with your partner all the time, but are they ~actually~ listening to you? That’ll be on your mind with the new moon on the 11th. If not, you’ve got to make yourself heard. You’ll take a risk for love sometime around the middle of the month.

Mars is in your house of romance, pushing you to take action. Maybe it’s time for a big gesture for your S.O., or to finally text that person you’ve been thinking about for ages. What have you got to lose? BTW: If you’re single, there’s zero law that says you can’t be dating more than one person at once.

Obviously being in a relationship means being there for each other. But you have boundaries, and you’re going to make that super clear around the 11th. Mars moves into your house of romance on the 23rd, stirring up a positive flow for you and your S.O. You’ll feel super motivated to put a little more effort into your love life.

The full moon on the 26th can make you take a hard look at your love life. Is it lifting you up or pulling your down? Only you know the answer.

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