What September's Sagittarius Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

Read what your sign's 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Sagittarius personality profile. 

Welcome to October, Sagittarius! In September, you likely took some time to carve out a gratitude practice and appreciate all that you have. While others dwell, you carry onward, adapting to the times. Now, it's time to reconnect with friends and family during the full moon in fellow fire sign Aries on Thursday, October 1, either in a safe outdoor space or by scheduling a time to catch up over the phone. It's always nice to be reminded that someone cares about you, and your loved ones appreciate it when you reach out. 

The final Mercury retrograde of the year occurs from Thursday, October 13 to Tuesday, November 3 in intense Scorpio. You're usually pretty level-headed, Sagittarius, but this transit brings out your paranoid side. You find yourself over-analyzing text messages and even consider reaching out to an ex to ask what went wrong. You love the feeling of being productive, so pick any task that you need to get done, whether professional, creative, or personal, to direct that energy into before you act self-destructively. 

This year, you've continually pushed forward, but you've been through a lot, Sagittarius.

Between organizing Zoom family meetings, staying on top of your emails, and getting out of the house whenever possible, you've been very busy this summer. You may have even taken a leadership position in your community to fight racism. But you sometimes have trouble directing your energy inward, so during the new moon in Libra on Friday, October 16, focus on yourself. Engage in your favorite self-care activities. Be totally in the moment to rest and recharge. 

Spooky Scorpio season begins on Thursday, October 22. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, and is all about exploring new depths of oneself. This year, you've continually pushed forward, but you've been through a lot, Sagittarius. Pretty much everyone has developed some new psychic wounds this year. It might be time to pause, and use the next few weeks to journal, try therapy, explore tarot, or look for some way to investigate yourself that feels good to you. 

The last day of the month, Saturday, October 31, is Halloween and a full moon in Taurus. Go big with your costume, the candy, and the music — just practice social distancing and wear PPE to stay safe. You can find a way to work a mask into a costume. Even in a pandemic, use Halloween to remind yourself that you can still be your over-the-top fabulous self. Have fun and see you in November. 

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