The Corona-Hotspot in North Rhine-Westphalia and the summer holidays: Will Gütersloh, the new Ischgl?

Many people are eagerly awaiting to travel waiver at Easter and a week-long restrictions on your summer vacation. However, in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia creates a Corona mass outbreak in the Westphalian district of Gütersloh well a week before the start of the summer holidays, a new uncertainty. A quick spread of the Virus, threatens with the beginning of the travel time to the district of Gütersloh, with 370,000 inhabitants, is called in the future, in the same breath with Ischgl?

May residents from the district of Gütersloh travel?

Scientists from the Max Geraedts from the University of Marburg appeals for restraint among those who have recently had contact to the 7000 quarantine Affected after the Corona onset with at least 730 new infections are among in the slaughterhouse of the industry giants Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. “Everyone who sees here a risk of infection, and should move a vacation as something,” advises the Director of the Institute for health services research and Clinical epidemiology. The health authorities will not be able to determine in a few days to NRW-start of the holidays, all according to their own responsibility to be asked.

Coronavirus outbreak in the slaughterhouse

Tönnies in sharp criticism: "In this environment, it is frowned upon to downright sick werden"

Who have risk of infection, should not in any case of travel in countries with weakly-conceived healthcare system, stresses the Geraedts. “Dangerous it would be to on a cruise ship to ascend.” The district of Gütersloh, it could be a risk area, such as the Austrian winter resort of Ischgl, not afraid of the expert.

What danger is probably from the Hotspot in NRW?

The Virus could spread from the plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück very quickly, says epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb. This is certainly prevent, but you must respond consistently. “Given the very high Infection very far-reaching restrictions were necessary. I’m surprised that the restrictions apply only on schools and nurseries in the circle.” The researchers from Bremen, sees a “very decisive occasion” the public life in the circle clearly shut down. To Travel, he says: “at a Super low price that is not now. Actually, you should identify all of the contact persons, and 14 days wait to see if any infection has taken place.”

What is the role of preventive measures?

A Lockdown for the entire County wants to prevent the crisis staff. “At the present time, we do not keep the commandments. To date, it is a very narrow visible outbreak. Whether this remains so, we will see”, explains a circuit speaker. A Lockdown some, but necessary.

The district of Gütersloh was given so far, measures taken are not worried that the Virus will spread through leisure travellers in other Parts of Germany or in other EU countries, says the spokesman. “We have no abdominal pain, and to let our people travel.” A mass test before the start of the holiday in the case of 370,000 people was not possible. District administrator Sven-Georg Adenauer, the spokesman to the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and the NRW Ministry of health in exchange. The düsseldorf Ministry of a “low concern in the General population in the district of Gütersloh”, as a spokesman tells.

The quarantine will help prior to the trip time?

In the case of the approximately 7000 people who are under quarantine, is a heterogeneous group. Affected are all the people who have worked at the site, including workers from Romania and Bulgaria, many Locals with family at home, living in different municipalities. To control the compliance with the quarantine, is the responsibility of especially the municipalities – and it is extremely difficult, says the circular speaker. It is clear that The less the quarantine requirements are met, the greater the risk of virus spread – a key question, therefore, is also before the upcoming holiday.

What people are saying?

Many in the circle are upset, mainly due to closed schools and nurseries. Also from adjacent local authorities already concerned voices are loud, the Virus from the district of Gütersloh will spread quickly, such as from schools. In Bielefeld, some hospitals have imposed a stop for a Visit. Margareta Nicoläi from Rheda-Wiedenbrück complains: “It’s bad.” You are not going to go because of Corona in the holiday: “We are afraid of a contagion here, but also abroad.”

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