Six months corona crisis: up to 500,000 Deaths and an unprecedented research race

From the Chinese city of Wuhan to the whole world: Rarely does a crisis hits so global all of the people like in this year’s Corona. Six months after the first reports of a mysterious new Virus in the world registered more than 10 million infections and 500,000 resulting deaths. The dark figure of unrecorded infections and deaths is considered to be immense.

No one knew at the start of the year, what is the extent of the pandemic and the dire consequences it would have for the economy and society. At the beginning of December, perhaps already in November the first cases of a previously unknown lung disease in the metropolis of Wuhan. 31. December, you are not officially reported to the world health organization (WHO). An animal is deemed to be the origin of the contagion wave.


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In February, the Berlin-based virologist Christian Drosten says: “I believe that a pandemic is preventable.” And so immense, the infection numbers now look: We are still at the beginning. About 7.8 billion people living on earth. Even a very contagious Virus takes a while to conquer such a Population – especially since all the governments of the world with targeted measures against taxes, even if some of the behavior only.

Lockdown is necessary or the gun?

Germany is one of the rapidly and radically-reactive countries. With grey images from already affected countries, such as Italy confronted, decides the policy of strict measures. Some – such as school closures and mask-closing obligation – beginning today, controversial. Individual Federal länder, such as Bayern ahead with a particularly strict regulations. A bad outdoing the competition was not there in the aisle, say critics.

At the end of March, beginning of April, the daily numbers of reported cases in Germany reached its peak, then it drops significantly. First relaxations follow. With the relaxation of critical voices who say that the Lockdown was really no need to multiply.

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck says, the prohibition of large-scale events have led to a decline, other measures, such as contact restrictions would have to from the rest of the course depending on the make. The Virologist Melanie Brinkmann of Braunschweig-based Helmholtz center for infection research (HZI), however, moves to a largely positive conclusion. “I think that we have acted in Large and Whole correct.”

The fear of the second wave

Currently, the infection will happen in this country of single outbreaks, such as the battle of Tönnies in Ostwestfalen operation. Let the otherwise quiet Situation deceptive act and give a decisive question to the new buoyancy: it Comes, the second wave? A safe answer to that, experts have not. Virologist Drosten looks skeptical in the future: “I’m not optimistic that we will have in a month, or even a peaceful Situation as it is now, in terms of the epidemic activity.” You have to turn on all the alarm sensors. The population must understand that the health authorities need support and consensus.

Meanwhile, the search for drugs against the Virus-caused disease Covid-19 on full blast. Currently, a single drug Remdesivir in the United States and Japan, a special admission against Covid-19. In the EU, the European medicines Agency (EMA) recommends that at the end of June, the approval, the approval by the EU Commission as a matter of form.

In mid-June, preliminary study data to the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone is known: The active ingredient thus reduces the mortality rate in artificially ventilated patients by a third. For a final assessment, however, it is too early, experts warn.

The fight against Corona

Remdesivir as a remedy for Covid-19 approved – physicians: for patients

Clearly some of the factors that lead to a life threatening disease are now. “We know now that it comes in the severe forms, in addition to the inflammation of the lungs, often to coagulation disorders, which complicate the treatment,” says Uwe Janssens, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and emergency medicine, as an example. Treated am now going to drugs from the start prophylactic anticoagulant.

A real From the pandemic could already bring just a tool: effective vaccines. Whether or not a vaccine is still standing in this year for the first mass vaccinations available, is questionable – in addition, the first vaccine must be not necessarily the one with the best protective effect. The speed should not be at the expense of safety, it is always dunned again.

Worldwide at least 130 vaccine projects

In June, at least 130 vaccine projects, some candidates are already being tested on people around the world. Most of the research on the vaccine AZD1222, is advanced, developed at the UK’s University of Oxford. A number of countries – including Germany – have concluded with the group, AstraZeneca contracts for a total of at least two billion doses of this vaccine.

Also Germany has to offer promising projects to The company in Mainz Biontech and the tübingen-based company CureVac first clinical studies are underway to vaccines. Whether you are at the end of the active substances, taking of the Corona pandemic, its horror, will show up.

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