Like California pandemic, caught in the stranglehold of the Corona-

As the Coronavirus raged in the streets of New York, was to California as a model in the United States. The sun-drenched state had imposed as one of the first stringent output limitations, and the infection could be done by significantly slowing down. In the meantime, the R fell to a value below one. While in New York, more than 12,000 people have died of or with the Virus, lost in California, less than 1000 citizens in your life.

But then the people of the restrictions were tired of the masks were a major pain on the beach, the discipline was lost and the Virus returned. Especially in the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles, a Metropolitan area with more than ten million people, the increase of new infections is growing rapidly. In the meantime, the city of angels is the Hotspot of the United States, 127.439 cases were registered, the Johns Hopkins University, so far.

Now, California has experienced – here, 12 percent of Americans live – one of the most toughest weeks in the fight against the Virus and recorded the two most deadly days since the start of the pandemic. California has reported, according to official figures, in the meantime, 310.000 Coronavirus cases and 7000 deaths. The Governor, Gavin Newsom, said on Thursday that the Seven-day average of the Federal state have exceeded 8,000 new cases per day – the highest value.

An end is not in sight: half of The 58 districts (Counties) in California are now on the “watch list” of the employees of the health authorities, the parameters such as the reported infections, hospitalizations and the patient to keep intensive care units in the eye.

Risk of infection

Can you do it in the pool, lake or ocean with a Corona?

Memorial Day as the outbreak of the accelerator

Also the re-opening of the shops, the US President Donald Trump, despite rising Corona-Figures vehemently calls, is Stalled. Bars and Restaurants must, in many places, close again for weeks, and the city of San Francisco announced on Friday that Barber shops, Salons, and a fitness center would not open as planned on Monday.

“Covid-19 is widely used in our community is still too far, and we must be vigilant, and all the precautions, the spread shown to slow,” said mayor Breed in a statement. He is aware that the operators of the business want nothing more than to finally your doors unlock. “But in order for this to happen, we need to flatten the curve again, so that we are able to do so.”

But why are the infection numbers are even soared like an explosion in the amount? The Figures suggest that the weekend holds the Memorial Day an important American holiday – a key role. Here it could be a concatenation of several circumstances: hundreds of thousands marched in Protest against the police brutality on the streets, at the same time, a large number of families met on the occasion of the celebration of the day in the private circle and districts opened Bars and restaurants, against the advice of many experts. In addition, the people were allowed to at the end of may to the beaches, and so made a pilgrimage of thousands to the Surf-Spots – not everyone held on to the distance rules.

In the County of Los Angeles wearing according to official data, one of 140 persons estimated to be unknowingly the Virus. Barbara Ferrer, Director of public health, told the Los Angeles Times that the people had no more desire to stay at home. They longed for the life before the pandemic, and thus have contributed to the wave of new cases.

The Tests are in California, just

The Numbers are rising rapidly, is due to the fact that the state performs more Tests than ever before. A few months ago to 20,000 Tests per day, now there are more than 106,000. A fact, the US President, Donald Trump is leading again and again: Would test the USA, there would be no Problem with Corona, he explained again and again. A fatal logic.

Because, in truth, the United States test far too little: in California, In San Bernardino, a city of 209.000 inhabitants and the number of the Corona cases since the Memorial Day tripled – and the health authorities had to cancel dozens of appointments for Coronavirus-Tests, because the Tests were just. Similarly, in the district of Los Angeles, the media were reports of the test dates for the entire week booked. In Sacramento test clinics were closed because they had no more Material in stock.

Experts expect that the Test-scarcity will at least persist in the short term. Therefore, the health authorities changed in the most affected district of Los Angeles guidelines: Corona-Tests, only those that have symptoms, in a high-risk area of houses), work (sick or contact with a confirmed Covid-19-had positive persons.

Prisons must release inmates

Closed shops, lack of tourists, overwhelmed hospitals are the immediately visible consequences of the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. But now more serious problems: California is in the midst of the annual forest fire season, and the fires rage more than usual to reveal yet. More than 4,000 forest fires have already been recorded, the are 1500 more than the average for this time of year, said California Governor Newsom a few days ago. Due to the pandemic and the associated quarantine and safety regulations, it could lead to a shortage of firefighters.

Also in front of the prison walls, the Virus does not stop: Recently, there were massive outbreaks among the inmates of state prisons, such as in the San Quentin State Prison, the oldest prison in the state of California. On Friday, prison officials announced that until the end of August up to 8000 prisoners released to the spread of the Virus to contain.

“These measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of the imprisoned population and of the staff,” said Ralph Diaz, Secretary of the prison authority, CDCR. Inmates still have to serve 180 days or less of their sentence, a low violence risk, and not for a violent crime are imprisoned, will be the first group of prisoners eligible for early release in question. Prisoners are still less than a year prior to their conviction, and no violent crimes have been committed, could also be eligible for release until the end of August in question.

Sources: NY Times, LA Times, The Mercury News, SFGate, Daily News, ABC

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