Fruits, vegetables and whole grains reduce the risk of Diabetes

A little more fruits, vegetables and whole grain products might help prevent type 2 Diabetes. This is the result of two studies in the journal "The BMJ" have been published.

Higher levels of Vitamin C and carotenoids, which give vegetables such as carrots and bell peppers their color, are associated with a lower risk for the development of type 2 Diabetes. Compared to persons with the lowest values in the blood, the risk of Diabetes in people with a lot of Vitamin C and carotenoids was about one-half lower. The researchers estimate that only 66 grams would reduce more fruits and vegetables per day the risk for type 2 Diabetes to 25 per cent. For comparison: A medium-sized Apple weighs about 150 grams. In the study, the researchers used the blood concentrations of Vitamin C and carotenoids as a note on the consumed amount of fruit and vegetables. This results in more reliable information than surveys of study participants.

In a second study showed that persons with a high consumption of whole-grain products have a 29 percent lower probability of type 2 had Diabetes than participants who took hardly any whole grains. This includes wheat bread, oatmeal includes, for example, full, added bran, wholegrain rice, and wheat germ.

The researchers of both studies concluded that an increase in the consumption of fruit, vegetables and whole-grain products, a type 2 prevent Diabetes. Particularly people who normally eat only little of it would benefit.



DOI 10.1136/bmj.m2206 DOI 10.1136/bmj.m2194

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