Bars, cinemas and churches closing: California is back in the Lockdown

Due to a rapidly rising new infections in California makes a lot of loosening his Corona pads back. Bars, cinemas and museums in the most populous U.S. state have to close, as Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday (local time) said. In addition, Restaurants are allowed to host any more guests in enclosed spaces. Similarly, in 30 districts, including Los Angeles, fitness studios, churches, hair salons, as well as many offices and shopping centres would have to cease operating, provided that this takes place in closed spaces, said Newsom more. In the affected districts, around 80 percent of the 40 million inhabitants of the Federal state.

The huge Los Angeles unified school district announced that the students because of the persistent Corona pandemic in the on 18. August beginning can learn a school year, until Further notice, only online. “The health and safety of all in the school community is nothing, where we are able to compromise,” it said. The government of US President Donald Trump puts pressure on Federal, state and local governments to open schools with the new school year back to normal.

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A total of 320,000 infections in California

As a result of the easing of California’s Corona-pads the Numbers of new infections, the Covid-patients were increased in the hospital, and the reported deaths significantly the last. On a Sunday afternoon, the authorities had reported approximately 8500 certified, new infections and 72 deaths. In total, there are in the state of on the West coast so far, more than 320,000 reported infections.

In California’s Northern neighboring state of Oregon Wearing a mask Outdoors is not in the future, always duty, if a sufficient minimum distance to the prevention of infections is possible. In addition, are likely to take place in a closed space, meetings or parties with more than ten people, said Governor Kate Brown. With the exception of, among other things, religious meetings.

Several States to tighten rules

In the state of West Virginia in the Eastern United States Governor Jim Justice ruled that in the case of events in the future, not 100, but only a maximum of 25 people may come. Folk festivals, fairs and concerts are, until Further notice, prohibited. “It’s no fun to close things,” said Justice. But be careful, now, is the only way, to return later, again a normality.

In several States – including Florida, Georgia, Texas, California and Arizona – the number of new infections the moment. The mayor of the Texan city of Houston, Sylvester Turner, called therefore strict output constraints for at least two weeks. “We need to slow down the spread of the Virus,” he said in an interview with broadcaster CNN. The Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, opposes strict measures, such as output restrictions but. Houston reported on Monday 1544 new infections confirmed.

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Trump insists on the re-opening of the economy

Across the country, a country with some 330 million people, since last week per day, approximately 60,000 confirmed infections were reported in the United States, what constitutes a dramatic escalation of the pandemic. For comparison: In Germany, only around 200,000 infections with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic as a whole. In the United States since February, data from the Johns Hopkins University, according to 3.35 million confirmed infections. More than 135,000 people died after an infection.

Trump, the bidding in November to a second term, urging for months on a comprehensive re-opening of the economy. Critics accuse him of, therefore, the scope of the pandemic, and to downplay and not enough to do their fighting.

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