The Situation Is Using His Prison Workouts to Stay Ripped in Quarantine

During his time on reality television, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was known for his simple routine of GTL (that’s “gym, tan, laundry”).

But recently, he’s mixed up that routine a bit, which has led to a greater overall sense of health, he says.

Men’s Health recently visited the television personality to discuss his diet and the workout he’s maintained since leaving prison.

“My diet mainly consists of high protein and low carbs,” Sorrentino says. While his diets consists of fruits, vegetables, and leaner cuts of meat, he also has prepared meals from Eat Clean Bro in case he needs to eat on-the-go. He also says he loves to have a salad with every meal. He’ll add various vegetables, cheese, and prosciutto.

Sorrentino says he hasn’t changed his diet much since social distancing. “The first couple of weeks of quarantine, I cheated on my diet a little too much,” he says. “But after about a week or two, I tightened it up, working out six days a week. That’s pretty much how I stay busy.”

Plus, he’s sober now.

“Maybe ten years ago, I was definitely not healthy, and I was not sober,” he says. “I’m now going on five years clean in December, and I’m constantly clean eating. I drink water, I have one cheat day, and I’m constantly finding ways to find the best version of myself.”

His diet includes some protein shakes and intermittent fasting for sixteen hours five days a week, but Sorrentino also knows the importance of having a cheat day.

“God made that seventh day a cheat day,” he jokes. On his cheat day, he’ll have anything from fast food to his favorite Italian pasta dish. But his all-out cheat feast shuts down by 8:00 p.m. in order to prepare for the next week.

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After the fridge tour, Sorrentino takes the camera to the gym, where he shows you the simple, yet effective routine he picked up over the past few years. “In prison, we didn’t have any machines,” he says. “We had good old-fashioned dumbbells and barbells—that’s all you need to get big. That’s all you need to get shredded. That’s all you need to be your best self.”

Sorrentino also loves his workout time, as he feels it’s his own therapy session, and he can focus on being better than the person he was the day before. “I never compare myself to anybody else but who I was yesterday,” he says. “And we gettin’ it today.”

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