Sarah Hyland, Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson Talk About Their First Periods: 'So Emotional'

Puberty can be tough — especially when it comes to getting your period.

In PEOPLE's exclusive first look at this week’s episode of “Lady Parts,” host Sarah Hyland has a frank discussion with special guests Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson about what happened the first time they got their periods.

“I went to an arts school. I was in my dance period — literally period,” jokes Benson, 30. “I just all of a sudden felt like I had, I don’t know, peed myself or something. I ran into the bathroom and I looked and there was just blood everywhere.”

The Pretty Little Liars star, who was 14 at the time, went on to say that she felt “so embarrassed” and for the rest of the week she threw out all her underwear. “I didn’t know what to do. I was just stuffing toilet paper in my underwear, basically.”

Although Duff already knew a little bit about periods thanks to her older sister Haylie, that didn’t make the experience any less overwhelming.

“My sister was in L.A. shooting a movie and I was home alone. A couple of the neighborhood friends came over for a swim and I went inside and I went to the bathroom and there was blood in my bathing suit,” the Younger star, 33, explains. “It wasn’t a ton, so it wasn’t this massive disaster, but I remember seeing it and being like, ‘Oh my God.’”

“Thank God I had an older sister and I knew exactly what had happened to me," she adds. "But I remember stomping outside with all my 12-year-old attitude and being like, ‘Leave, leave, you all have to leave.’”

As fate would have it, that night Duff and her parents went to dinner at a relative’s house — and even though she gave her mother strict instructions not to tell anyone what had happened, she couldn’t shake the feeling that everybody knew.

“I just remember bursting into tears,” she recalls. “It was so emotional. It’s so scary and it’s so big and the feelings around it are just impossible to deal with at the time.”

As for Hyland? Her first time happened at a less than opportune moment.

“My first period I got in the middle of ballet class,” the Modern Family alum, 29, shares. “And of course, the level of ballet that I was in at that time wore those periwinkle blue leotards, so you could tell.”

“So I ran out into the bathroom and I just screamed my mom’s name from down the hallway, she just came running and she did the makeshift toilet paper pad in my underwear,” she adds.

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