Richard Simmons Says He's 'Very Excited' His Classic Fitness Series Will Be on New Streaming Channel

Richard Simmons hopes a new generation of fans will discover his classic exercise series, Sweatin' to the Oldies.

Fuse Sweat, a new streaming television channel that launched Wednesday, will be including Simmons' show in its suite of programming, which features nostalgic fitness programs.

"I am very excited that my ground breaking fitness series of Sweatin to the Oldies still is so relevant and popular and I hope many new fans will discover these timeless classics," Simmons, 72, said in a release shared with PEOPLE.

In addition to Sweatin' to the Oldies, Fuse Sweat will reanimate the original Buns of Steel with Greg SmitheyAerobics Oz Style, Jack LaLanne's Back to Basics, Milton Berle's Low Impact / High Comedy and Gilad's Bodies in Motion specials.

Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks and Denise Austin workouts will also be available.

"Fuse Sweat is a calorie-burning time machine for retro pop culture heads and fitness fans alike. Whether you roll out your exercise mat to join the workouts, or simply want to stay motivated through your work day with high energy music and our iconic fitness personalities, Fuse Sweat brings fun back to fitness," said Fuse Media Head of Digital Patrick Courtney.

"VHS-era nostalgia is big, particularly for our young millennial and GenZ audience, and we predict an increase in leg warmer sales to quickly follow."

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The channel will also be available on and Fuse apps.

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