RHOC's Emily Simpson Reveals Weight Loss and Plans to Remove Implants: 'It’s Been a Journey'

The Ohio native has been open about her weight loss goals in the past, even documenting and reflecting on her journey with Hefferan a year after they began working together.

In a June Instagram post, Simpson wrote that working with Hefferan was, "the best decision I’ve made for myself," before she added, "Not only have I lost significant body fat and several inches, but I’ve gained a newfound [sic] acceptance of my body."

She continued, "I don’t weigh myself very often because the number on the scale doesn’t define me as a person nor is it wholly indicative of progress." Instead, Simpson explained, she measures her progress and health by other means "such as endurance, strength, how many times I can walk up the Salt Creek Hill in one day and how I look in my clothes."

In addition to the changes in her appearance, Simpson added, "Most importantly I’ve changed mentally."

"I’ve learned that weight loss doesn’t have to be all in or nothing, you just have to do 1 thing better than the day before. The key to long term results is consistency and having someone in your corner cheering you on!"

But even throughout her weight loss journey, Simpson has had to deal with trolls and "vicious jerks" who comment on her appearance.

Earlier in 2018, Simpson wrote, "It’s never ok to call a woman fat, fatass, plus-size, etc." in a social media message after she joined the hit reality series.

She added: "I will take the criticism and be the voice for all the women out there that feel inadequate because they don’t fit someone’s ridiculous standard of beauty. Be strong. Be proud. Be confident. I got you."

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Back in July 2019, Simpson pulled out the receipts after commentators on social media accused her of photoshopping "50 lbs." off of her promotional photo for the Bravo show’s 14th season.

Posting to Instagram, Simpson slammed her body shamers and shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot to prove that there was no editing going on.

"I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m a woman, I have curves and they are frikin’ hot and amazing," she wrote.

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