PSA: Woolworths is Selling An $8 Biscoff Vegan Layer Cake

It doesn’t take us much to get excited about anything Biscoff, but a vegan Biscoff cake that only costs $8? Now that is a game-changer.

The vanilla-layered cake, avilable now at Woolies, is covered in vegan Lotus Biscoff-infused buttercream and DRIZZLED in the popular belgian spread, with hand-finished whole Lotus Biscoff biscuit and crumbled pieces.

Woolworths customers already love Lotus Biscoff, with millions of Lotus Biscoff products sold in our stores every year,” Woolworths Category Manager for Instore Bakery, Michael Gullery said.

Michael adds that they wanted to create something new that combines “our popular cakes” with a “much loved, customer’s favourite” biscuit and spread.

“The result is a decadent dessert covered with the iconic biscuit and buttercream,” he said.

Taking to Instagram, the supermarket giant shared a video showing how you can take their vegan Lotus Biscoff cake to a new level, and turn it into a lava cake.

“Made with coconut oil and apple puree instead of the traditional butter and eggs, this is the perfect treat for everyone to enjoy,” the video caption read.

1. Remove the Lotus Biscuit from the top of the cake.
2. Cut a hole and remove cake.
3. Warm biscoff spread in microwave with cream (or use a 165ml can of Lite Coconut Cream instead to keep it vegan-friendly 🥰).
4. Pour into hole.
5. Cover up with top Biscuit Layer.
6. Cut the cake and watch it ooze!

The Woolworths Vanilla Cake with Lotus Biscoff is available from today for $8, and shoppers can find it at Woolworths supermarkets nationally and selected Woolworths Metro stores.

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