HIMSS TV: Top 5 videos of 2020

With the world turning to digital mediums in 2020 due to the pandemic, the appetite for HIMSS TV content experienced a dramatic rise with its timely and topical remotely-held video content. HIMSS TV became one of the main media platforms for Healthcare IT News and MobiHealthNews journalists to bring you interviews with leading experts and informative deep dives on the latest digital health news. As the year draws to a close, we look at the top five most viewed HIMSS TV videos across the EMEA region and reflect on how the topics covered a turbulent, but transformative year for the industry.

  ​1. Digital tools can provide a silver lining to COVID-19

This deep dive breaks down what COVID-19 has meant for the healthcare IT industry so far and how it will cope with the ensuing challenges of containing and preventing the virus. HIMSS TV also looks at the various digitally mature countries that have been able to target early warnings of future waves. As we adapt to a new way of living in a post-coronavirus world, this video explains how digital tools, including apps and telehealth, can play a significant role as we continue to fight the virus. 


2. COVID-19: Preparing for the next inevitable wave

Published ahead of the winter months of 2020, and the next predicted wave of COVID-19, this timely video explains why digital tools offer huge opportunities for helping to contain the coronavirus. It also showcases the IT solutions that make the management of infected people and contacts more efficient and why they should be prioritised before the next wave.


3.  Population health: How technology can target at-risk patients

In the first episode of The Alessi Agenda, hosted by Dr Charles Alessi, chief clinical officer at HIMSS, Kevin Fenton, director of public health and wellbeing at Southwark, discusses using new technologies to help healthcare not only build upon its existing infrastructure, but also evolve as patient needs change.


​4.  How COVID-19 has been a catalyst for innovation in Saudi Arabia

Ahead of our highly anticipated first-ever virtual HIMSS & Health 2.0 digital event held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the HIMSS media team spoke to a range of experts in the Kingdom to share industry knowledge and give viewers a taster of what to expect at the event. In this interview, Abdulaziz Alkhlaif, CIO of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mishari Hospital, shares his thoughts on data transformation, artificial intelligence and the next generation of patient portals.


5.  Italy and Germany facing COVID-19

In this webinar, Dr Charles Alessi is joined by healthcare leaders, Elena Sini, group CIO of GVM Care and Research and Henning Schneider, CIO at the Asklepios Hospital Group, to compare the COVID-19 crisis and public health response strategies of two very different health systems in Europe.

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