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Lipoic acid supplements as a slimming aid

Dietary Supplement with lipoic acid resulted in overweight, but otherwise healthy people in the context of a clinical study, the patients lost more weight.

Researchers from Oregon State University found that supplements can help with lipoic acid in losing weight. In particular, severely obese individuals appear to benefit from lipoic acid. The results of the research were recently presented in the “Journal of Nutrition”.

There is a clear loss of body fat

A group of 31 obese subjects, and subjects received 24 weeks of daily 600 milligram dose of lipoic acid. A similar-sized control group took a Placebo. “The data clearly demonstrated a loss of body weight and body fat in people who lipoic acid supplements revenue”, Free reported Balz, Director of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Especially women and the obese participants benefited the most from taking.

What is lipoic acid makes in the body?

Lipoic acid is produced by plants as well as animals and settles in the mitochondria – the power plants of the cells. There, the substance is bound, usually to proteins, the energy and amino acid metabolism. The structure of the fatty acid is unique. It has at the end of the chain with two sulfur atoms, resulting in a Transfer of electrons from other sources.

What are the benefits of the Supplement offer?

As the research team reported that the body produces without additives only enough lipoic acid to supply the enzymes of the fatty acid are in urgent need in order to function properly. By taking supplements, additional functions of lipoic acid, which are not directly associated with the mitochondria open, according to the study. The fat seems acid also stimulate the glucose metabolism, to promote antioxidant defenses to support anti-inflammatory reactions.

Lipoic acid as an adjuvant treatment suitable?

The researchers even suspect that the numerous positive effects of lipoic acid to a complementary treatment in Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and age-related cognitive impairments are. This needs to be verified in further studies. First results indicate a positive impact.

“Both in rodent models and in clinical studies on a small scale, on people the positive impact of lipoic acid on oxidative Stress, lipid metabolism and the circadian rhythm have been detected,” stresses Alexander Michels from the research team.

Natural Form prefer

“We have only the R-Form of lipoic acid used – the Form that occurs in the body naturally,“ adds the author of the Study Tory Hagen, a Professor of biochemistry and Biophysics. Many previous studies have used the S-Form of lipoic acid. This product generated only by industrial synthesis and not come in nature.

No direct effect on fat levels in the blood

Contrary to the expectations of the researchers in the blood fat levels (triglycerides) were not improved by the intake of lipoic acid directly. But people, the acceptance by lipoic acid, lowered their triglyceride levels in the blood – this effect was clearly,“ adds Gerd Bobe from the study team.

Further benefits by taking

The researchers observed also measurable additional effects of lipoic acid preparations. “At the end of the study, some of the inflammation decreased marker,” adds the author of the Study. In addition, a slight decrease of oxidative Stress was recorded. A total of lipoic acid, while not a panacea, but numerous health benefits, says the Team.

A more expensive fun

The biggest disadvantage of lipoic acid preparations, the price is good. “Dietary Supplement with lipoic acid are often quite expensive,” says Hagen. The researchers want to find out, therefore, in further studies, what groups of people benefit most from taking it, and whether it is possible to maximize the Benefits for smaller quantities. (vb)

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