Drosten: We can get the total epidemic in the handle without vaccination, targeted Intervention

Can we hope in Germany for a summer, in which we feel from Corona almost nothing in everyday life? Virologist Christian Drosten keeps the realistic and identifies clear measures of how this would be possible – even without a vaccine

Germany yearns for a return to normality, but until then some time will pass. The science becomes constantly new findings on the SARS-CoV-2 Virus, a really in-depth data is not given, the virologist Christian Drosten of the Berlin Charité white.

“As a private person, my opinion is perfectly clear: of Course we can not keep closed more on the Basis of uncertain scientific data, the day-care centres, while we are open to other areas on the Basis of an uncertain data situation, easy.” This attitude he wanted to represent media also strengthened, said Drosten in the NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update".


In the case of a Corona-outbreak in a kindergarten or school, this would be primarily through an education person with symptoms recognizable. "Behind the symptoms, we are not able to test relatively well, which is resource wasting. We can zusagen&quot laboratory side;, soothes Drosten.

Even more Tests without concrete suspicion, you would "also organisiert" get, for example, by testing in the Pool-procedure. This would be, for example, through framework contracts from the laboratories with a day-care centre carrier or via a city and commune feasible. Financially, the burden would be manageable, says Drosten.

Summer with almost no limitations? "Yes, I think that’s möglich"

For a lot of vortex also Prime Minister of Thuringia Bodo Ramelow (Left) had provided with his announcement that he wanted to repeal the General Corona-restrictions in Thuringia. In the Federal and in other countries left-wing politicians who met with criticism, even its own coalition partner, the SPD and the greens have distanced themselves.

This targeted approximate Pre-Corona-reaching conditions up to the summer, &quot holds Christian Drosten, but possible:;This is perhaps the most Important of what we discuss here today."

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There is the hope that by "these now become known skewed distribution of infection frequencies, perhaps such a large learning effect that it invests in certain at-risk groups in the population particularly with regard to the persecution and isolation of contact patients. When you realize that maybe 20 percent of the Infected to infect 80 percent of the secondary cases, then you have to intervene in this area."

"We can get the total epidemic in the handle – even without Impfung"

A study from Hong Kong confirmed his views. "You have to and you can invest in these high-risk areas and has it is then much easier to get the overall epidemic in the handle – even without vaccination."

Drosten, it is possible that even some of the early immunisation and the epidemic disappears earlier than feared.

Prerequisite for this is, that upon the Occurrence of a so-called super-spreading event at once all those Involved are isolated, without a diagnosis, perform "as for the diagnostics, no time." Then, according to Drosten "pretty much done."

In principle, it should be but now the following task: "How can we create, in every conceivable Situation now in a pragmatic environment in which Aerosol Transmission less is possible?" The extremely small moisture particles in the air are supposed to be for 50 percent of all infections.

Risk of infection in confined spaces 19 Times higher than outside

Drosten explained in his Podcast a new observation: "Quite a few people to infect very many. Most people infect with no or only very few. This means: We have explosive transmission events driving this whole epidemic."

As an example, he mentions a Church service in Frankfurt, or in March, held great football games. There you had to backtrack, because if you cut these events, check the entire epidemic.

Remarkable new Figures in a study from Japan: In enclosed spaces, the risk of a Corona-infection is about 19 Times higher than Outdoors.

"There is, however, clear on what you now pay attention to the muss", so Drosten, "we use the summer effect!" Everything you could shift into, should be shifted.

Drostens thoughts: Due to the lower risk-Free, for example, catering may be Operated on their patios and outdoor areas, a significantly smaller distance between the tables, but at the same time, but inside a larger. Drosten call the policy a higher willingness to compromise on these issues.

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