Covid-19: carer affected particularly often

Health care workers were from March to may 2020, most often because of Covid-19 on sick leave. The analysis of the disability data of the AOK-shows Insured by the Scientific Institute of the AOK (WIdO).

According to the latest analysis have failed in the three months from March to may 1.283 per 100,000 persons Employed in the care of the elderly because of Covid-19 in your workplace. Thus, the concern is in this industry, more than 2.5 times above the average value of 474 cases of illness per 100,000 Employees. At the same time there were employed in the care of the elderly also more often hospital treatments due to Covid-19: Per 100,000 Employed in the care of the elderly were treated 157 people with this diagnosis in a clinic. The comparison value of all AOK members is 91 per 100,000.

"Certain groups of Employees, which are also gone in pandemic times to work, seem to be more of Covid-to-be 19 affected. These are mainly occupations with contact to other people. But also professions in the meat processing or the warehouse management were severely affected,” says Helmut Schröder, Deputy managing Director of WIdO.

Home Office and Outdoor work schüprotects against Covid-19

The lowest illness-related absenteeism in connection with Covid-19 show the Occupations in the higher education teaching and research (110 Affected per 100,000 Workers) and in agriculture (121 Affected per 100,000 Employees). Accordingly, the times are incorrect due to the Coronavirus in Occupations more likely to be where employees come in despite the lock downs with a variety of people in contact. Activities that are more likely to be exercised in the home office or in the outdoors, were associated with a lower risk of infection.


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