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Unhealthy food is often cheaper and easier

An official UK government report shows that the food system is at risk in the UK, the health of the population and the environment. According to the report, it can’t afford millions of British families to eat a healthy diet. Unhealthy foods are cheaper and easier to acquire, than the guidelines recommended healthy food.

The British Committee on nutrition, poverty, health and the environment, calls on the government to stop the year long inaction, and to ensure that a healthy, sustainable food for all is accessible. The report can be viewed on the website of the “UK Parliament”.

A healthy diet in England, the preserve of better earners

The report shows that Britons currently consume more highly processed foods than any other country in Europe. Many parents put so for cost reasons, the Foundation for poor health of their children. “Many of the poorest families in Britain have little or no choice,” says John Richard Krebs, a member of the House of Lords. You buy junk food, because they can only afford just that. The government knew for decades the Problem, but not acting.

Unhealthy diet saves time and money

According to the report, the British consume many highly processed foods – including Chips, processed meat and ready meals. The System promotes such eating habits, by just the most unhealthy foods are at acquire the best to. In addition, the preparation is usually easier, saving time when cooking is saved.


This was reflected in the obesity Rates. The British have the highest proportion of Overweight people in Europe. Around two-thirds of all adults and a third of children a few too many pounds on the scale.

The Committee demands healthy food for all

The Committee presented a number of recommendations for different areas, in order to renew the food system and to ensure that a healthy, sustainable diet for everyone is possible. Recommended measures are:

  • the measurement of how many people live with a lack of nutrition,
  • to understand why healthy eating is so much more expensive and these points in the calculation of Benefits include,
  • Advertising for unhealthy foods,and to mitigate
  • Introduction of binding regulations for the food industry to reduce salt, sugar and unhealthy fats,
  • Food initiatives for disadvantaged children, such as free school meals,
  • a Committee to Monitor the progress of reasons,
  • the production and the consumption of healthier food promote.

Obesity in Germany

Germany is in the proportion of Overweight was also significantly higher than the EU average. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) are two-thirds of German men (67 percent) and half of the German women (53 percent) to be overweight. Almost a quarter of adults (23 per cent of men and 24 percent of women) are obese. (vb)

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