700 people get infected on a cruise ship because of a passenger

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 15 million people have been infected with the Coronavirus, 206.467 of them in Germany. The United States reported almost daily new record numbers.

The more than 700 Corona infections on the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" go back, according to a study, most likely to a single passenger. A genetic analysis showed that all corona viruses had the same Mutation, reported a Team from the Japanese Institute for infectious diseases in the US journal PNAS. This pointed to the fact that "the spread of SARS-CoV-2 aboard the Diamond Princess from a single event prior to the start of the quarantine period ausging", concluded the Japanese researchers.

The researchers took a Virus-genome sequences of 148 passengers and crew members of the vessel, the at the 3. February had been submitted by the Japanese authorities in the port of Yokohama under a 14-day quarantine. Previously, an 80-year-old passenger, who had gone in Hong Kong of the Board had been tested positive for the Coronavirus. The infection started in the rooms according to the researchers, probably during large gatherings in the community, "where the passengers danced, sang, buy-in’s and Shows besuchten". dpa/—/kyodo/Reuters passengers leave the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

The "Diamond Princess" with more than 3600 people on Board had in February made headlines, when 712 people were infected on Board with the Coronavirus, and seven people died. At times there were registered the most of the infections outside of China.

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