Zinc-rich vegan cacao smoothie bowl recipe

Boost your bone health with this deliciously vegan cacao smoothie bowl – packed with bone-loving zinc and calcium. Make it for breakfast to get an energy boost or have as a nutritious and delicious pudding.

When it comes to breakfast, you want something teeming with vitamins, fast to make and properly tasty. This vegan cacao power smoothie couldn’t be simpler – or more nutritious. It’s got calcium, iron, and zinc from cashew nuts – all of which contribute towards good bone health, magnesium in the form of dates, which helps with energy production and potassium-rich avocado – an essential mineral needed for maintaining proper muscle contraction.

While protein is an undeniably important nutrient if you want to get stronger (particularly for vegans), it’s also really important that we get enough zinc in our diets. As well as boosting the immune system, it also plays an essential role in bone metabolism and mineralisation. A zinc deficiency is associated with lower bone density, making sure that you look to foods rich in the mineral can help to prevent osteoporosis as you age. 



1 banana

1 avocado

2 Medjool dates

1/2 cup cashews

1 cup almond milk

1 tbsp raw cacao


2 tbsp granola

Handful of mixed berries


Remove the stones from the dates and place into a blender

Peel the banana and avocado before adding to the blender.

Add the cashews and almond milk.

Blitz for 15-20 seconds until smooth.

Pour the smoothie into a bowl.

Top with granola and mixed berries.

Image and recipe courtesy of Nancy Odogwu, founder of Fit Soul Kitchen.

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