Workout shoes: Know how to choose the right pair

Make sure you change your shoes regularly. Here's what to keep in mind when buying workout shoes

Footwear plays a very important role in one’s workout gear. This is because even a small foot injury can affect your entire workout routine. Something as small and minor as a corn, bunion or even ingrown toenail can affect your gait, said Ashish Jain, CEO and director, Von Wellx Germany. This is because the human body is linked by joints, bones and muscle — from head to toe. Your feet, being the foundation of this chain, can have an immense impact on your whole body.

Therefore, your workout shoes matter; and selecting the right pair becomes necessary as it will make your workout safer, easier and a lot more comfortable.

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Points that will help you to choose the right pair for your workout:

*Buy a healthy footwear. A pair which is certified as ‘healthy’ will keep your workout sessions comfortable.
*Purchase shoes from a specialty store, if possible. The staff will provide valuable input on the type of shoe needed for your sport as well as help with proper fitting.
*Try on athletic shoes after a workout or run when your feet are at their largest.
*Wear the same type of sock that you would wear for that sport.
*Re-lace the shoes. You should begin at the farthest eyelets and apply even pressure as you create a crisscross lacing pattern to the top of the shoe.

*Check the fit. When the shoe is on your foot, you should be able to freely wiggle your toes. Make sure you can fit at least one thumb between your longest toe and the end of the shoe’s toe box. The shoes should be comfortable as soon as you try them on. Don’t plan on them fitting better after “breaking them in”.
*Walk or run a few steps in the shoes and make sure they are comfortable.
*Check the heel. There should be a firm grip and your heel should not slip as you walk or run.
*Consider a sport-specific shoe. This may be necessary if you participate in a sport three or more times a week.
*Change shoes regularly. After 300-500 miles of running or 300 hours of exercise, the cushioning material in a shoe is usually worn down and it’s time to replace them.

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