Why people with obesity are more prone to Covid-19: Treat the root cause

People with obesity who contract Covid-19 are 48% more likely to die, 74% more likely to be needing an ICU, and 113% more likely to be admitted to a hospital than the people with normal weight. These startling statistics were inferred from data of approximately four lakh Covid-19 patients studied by an international team of researchers.

Not just Covid-19, people with obesity are more prone to all types of infections and diseases due to their compromised immunity.

Ever wondered why?

When our body is under attack by a virus or bacteria, the body’s immune system causes a “good” inflammation, a first wave of defense against the invaders. However, the fat cells in our body are capable of imitating such inflammation and mislead our defense mechanism.

The excessive fat cells in people with obesity create and amplify the fake news of an external attack all the time and trick our body’s security force – the immune system – to be on high alert round the clock, even when there is no real threat.

As you would have guessed, the never-ending inflammation caused by obesity makes the immune system stressed and weak when there is an actual attack, increasing the risk of chronic and serious illnesses.

Is there a solution… A chance to reclaim the full force of our immunity?

Yes, says the medical science. And understanding obesity is the crucial first step in this pursuit.

Defining Obesity:

Obesity is not measured only by your weight. The Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures your weight in relation to your height, is commonly used to determine obesity and its severity.

World Health Organization (WHO) considers a BMI more than 30 as Class 1 obesity. BMI above 35 is Class II i.e., serious obesity, and BMI above 40 is class III i.e., severe obesity.

Diet and Exercise – do they work?

Widespread but outdated weight loss guidance gives the mistaken impression that relatively modest diet changes will consistently and progressively result in substantial weight loss.

Simplistic approaches to the treatment of obesity focusing on restrictive diets or increased exercise provide no help to those who struggle with serious obesity.

Further, there is documented observation that for a patient with a BMI greater than 35, the chances of reaching a normal body weight for a lasting period of time with diet and exercise alone is less than 1%.

This is not due to lack of willpower or the wrong diet followed by the people suffering from obesity. Obesity is a complex and multi-factorial disease that requires expert medical help to conquer.

What Is The Solution?

If you have tried lifestyle modifications, diet, exercise etc., and not losing much weight or unable to keep off the lost weight for long time, consulting a qualified obesity expert might be an option for you.

Minimally invasive bariatric weight-loss surgery might be an option if your BMI is above 32.5 with type 2 Diabetes or any other obesity related co-morbidity; or if your BMI is more than 37.5 without any co-morbidity .

Nowadays due to Covid 19, many Doctors offer online consultations. One could book an appointment at a center of one’s choice and discuss the obesity issues with the expert doctor from the convenience of one’s home.

Don’t be a victim of obesity or its stigma. Obesity can be treated with lasting results. The time to act against it is NOW!

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