Watch Vince McMahon Crush a Leg Day Workout at Age 75 in the WWE Gym

Who says you need to lighten up as you age? Not World Wrestling Championship chairman Vince McMahon, at least. The big man of the WWE turns 76 in August, but judging by the workout clip recently posted by his trainer, McMahon’s doing more than just doddering around from machine to machine.

The clip, posted to Instagram by Michael A. Monteforte, WWE’s corporate trainer, is short and oddly blurry (cue the conspiracy theories here), but shows McMahon stepping up to a pit squat machine, which allows a user to squat without the upper-body stress that comes with most other squat variations. Apparently it’s working for McMahon: with AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” playing in the background, he battles through an ultra-heavy single rep.

According to Monteforte, who says he works with McMahon seven days a week, the pair did leg press and hack squats, then 20 reps with five plates on each side, dropping to ten reps of six plates, five reps with seven, and then going for the one-rep max. For McMahon, a 75-year-old man, that was 22 45-pound plates, for a total of 990 pounds.

McMahon’s given Monteforte plenty of credit in the past for helping him stay strong and healthy into his later years. “Mike’s technique is one of safety, which 
is so important,” McMahon told Muscle and Fitness. “His philosophy is, don’t do anything where you can get hurt.” He went on to reiterate that no gain is worth injury—partly because that’ll only set back your long-term progress.

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Clearly McMahon’s kept his eye on the long-term, and that’s served him well both inside the gym and out.

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