Watch This Fit Guy Try to Do the 1-Rep ‘Impossible Pushup’ Challenge

YouTuber Stan Browney has thrown himself into all kinds of fitness challenges on his channel, applying his love for calisthenics to TikTok fads and “magic” pushups. One such video sees Browney taking on the “impossible pushup”, a bodyweight exercise challenge that requires you to simply complete 1 pushup rep in 3 minutes. The catch? You have to use all 3 minutes.

In other words, you must take 1 minute 30 seconds to reach the lower end of the movement, and then another 1 minute 30 to bring yourself back up. Of course, we all know that slow, controlled movements can have strength-building benefits; but only a small proportion of people can slow down their reps enough to complete this 3-minute pushup, hence the “impossible” reputation.

As he is in the process of recovering from an injury while filming the challenge, Browney does not expect he will be able to complete the full 3 minutes, and so he recruits his brother Jorg and friend Arjen Albers to try it along with him.

All three of them manage the first half of the rep, although Jorg drops out of his pushup as soon as they reach the 1:30 mark, leaving just Browney and Albers to attempt to raise themselves back up. Stan’s injured shoulder soon begins to drop, and he ends up failing the challenge with 10 seconds left on the clock, and so Albers is the sole participant who is able to complete the full 3-minute rep—although he admits that the length of the rep affected his technique.

“I have to be honest,” he says modestly, “it’s not the cleanest form.”

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