Watch 360-Pound Strongman Eddie Hall Do Box Jumps on Leg Day

Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall regularly shares videos of his strength training on his YouTube channel, and over the last few months has been posting updates of his home workouts while in quarantine.

Hall’s previous leg day videos have featured an equipment-free HIIT workout and advice for building massive calves; his most recent leg session includes the box jump. 4 sets of 6 to 8 reps, to be exact. Currently weighing in at just under 360 pounds (160 kilos), can Hall muster up the explosive movement needed for this plyometric move?

For the first set, Hall starts off with a 24-inch high box (a lot more “in man inches,” he jokes). He manages an easy 6 reps, then adds extra height so he’s jumping 36 inches, which proves more difficult. Prior to attempting this set, Hall double-checks his positioning by planting his hands on the box first.

Raising the box height by an extra 6 inches to a 42-inch total makes the third set even harder, and Hall’s jump fails to clear the full height.

The leg workout also includes Bulgarian split squats, using bodyweight only before moving up to the traditional, weighted version of the move. As Hall continues to lean down as part of his pivot from strongman to boxer, exercises like this will help him be faster on his feet by building power in his legs and glutes.

He follows this with a round of safety bar squats, consisting of a slow, controlled downward movement which recruits all of the muscles in the legs, then an explosive return to the upright position.

“It’s important to keep shocking the body,” says Hall. “That’s what it’s all about: keep shocking the body, keep it under pressure, keep it growing, keep it progressing all the time.”

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