Warm summer nights: Sleeping in the heat With these five tips it works

During the day of pure enjoyment in the sun, tormenting at night, however, the heat and not in sleep.

While healthy sleep is important. Because it provides a fresh energy and can even help you lose weight.

With these five tips to Sleep works even in hot nights.

Tip 1: In the front window cool recovery create

For the perfect bedroom oasis, a little planning is necessary: early in The Morning, fresh and cool air into the bedroom flooded.

But then, the heat roller blinds or thick curtains shut out the day, keep the Windows closed. For a sleep-promoting air circulation, it is sufficient to tilt the Windows at night, or before falling Asleep.

On a air conditioning or fans, but rather to strongly down-cooled spaces for dry mucous membranes and provoke colds.

In General, the optimal bedroom temperature is 18 degrees.

Tip 2: eat and Drink for stormy nights

Heavy, greasy food before Sleep a No Go. The highly active digestive tract makes Sleeping difficult.

Instead, you should just put in hot temperatures on a protein rich dinner. This is not only easier to digest, but to facilitate, through the contained amino Tryptophan acid a quiet night’s sleep.

With drinks, you should relieve the metabolism as much as possible. No caffeine or alcohol means: before the sleep time.

On the day two to three liters of fluid in warm weather, are distributed uniformly, and not drink, if possible, tuned to the body heat, so cold! The “Heat” ice-cold beverages to warm the body in addition.

Tip 3: sleep hygiene adjust to the temperature

In the heat out there on the road? Then before the Sleep and take a shower.

Similar to when you Drink and not just too cold, even if the corresponds now exactly to your needs.

Tepid to warm water opens the pores and releases pent-up body heat, relaxed in addition to muscles and makes ready for the night.

Tip 4: cool night – and bed linen

Breathable, moisture binding, and thermal conductivity: cotton is in heated nights the Material of choice. Thin bed covers don’t help that the heat builds up under the ceiling. When it gets too hot, the shells in the sheets and the blanket stay.

On the pajamas, you should not do without. The body cools down, otherwise, at night, it’s temperature is cold is a risk even in spite of quite high environment. Then maybe the pajamas before Wearing short in the refrigerator for something to cool down – for a comfortable fit.

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Tip 5: sleep routine for the summer to optimize

A walk in the cooled evening air, helps in a peaceful sleep. Like to you can pay also with a loose run – of-round, or a light Workout for the pleasant exhaustion-but then, that between sports and bedtime at least two hours.

Who creates it, regularly at the same time to fall asleep – far from sleep-consuming phone and Tablet, the conditioned his body to a “sleep mode”, even the summer can harm the heat a little.

Olivia Samnick

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