Transformation Tuesday: With a lot of Motivation Katrin has taken off 50 pounds

Over several months, Katrin wanted to finally start to take off. But apparently never the right Moment was come.

Constantly holidays, vacations and birthdays that you can also enjoy culinary delights and, therefore, did not want to restrict.

The young woman took on more and more – until finally, around 130 pounds weighed in. The desire to lose weight was there, just the right Motivation was still waiting.

Together for a better life

The decisive point came as her sister rose, a book about the calorie count.

“I explained that you are still crazy but somehow I wanted to try it, too,” recalls Katrin in an Instagram Post.

But then the thought came to her: “What if it really is “so easy”? What if it works this time for real?”

From this point on, Katrin put your eating habits on the head.

A new relationship to food

The uncontrolled eating to many occasions has been replaced by targeted enjoyment and the will to support your body with appropriate food.

“In the eat important energy is, I was only aware, as I dealt more intensively with the topic,” she says to your followers.

“I eat to provide my body of precious fuel, so that my body is working as it should – and for that I am incredibly grateful.”

Since then, Katrin has a much more conscious with the ingredients and enjoy your meals and the cook much more.

On the own body feeling to hear

The Motivation to want to own behavior change, is one thing. To start really and over a longer period of time-motivated to stay on the Ball, is more difficult.

Therefore, Kathy’s advice to agree to all of the non-Decreasing: “Find the way that suits YOU and especially the way that is in the future for you is feasible.”

Because no diet is to be kept in the long term, if you restrict yourself too much and in the end no joy on food. Two important tips from Katrin are therefore:

When losing weight, it is not a question to ban all Treats, but to create a healthy balance. This also means: If the stomach is full, is full.

In this way, you can eat healthier, lose weight and still from time to time, the favorite food treat.

The Motivation not to lose

Of course, a slimming process is not always perfect and there are setbacks that need to be plugged in between in.

“But, that is part of this path, and in the end you will be proud to have not given up, and not having to always start again.”

Until it has made at Katrin finally, click and you the weight loss started, it took about two years. But your perseverance is now all the greater.

You know that your meal plan does not have to be perfectly exemplary, and that the small “missteps” or setbacks, are absolutely in order and to the process these include.

With perseverance to the quality of life

It is important not only to plug the head directly in the Sand, if the number is stagnant on the scale but once or a piece of Cake is more landed on the plate than planned.

To be able to continue to motivate, recalls Katrin because of what it has achieved so far.

“I would like to never return to this weight and above all: to says never again back to this dissatisfaction,” the last few months.

The images of the past remind you not to return any more what point you want to and your body feeling confirmed your success.

“My body, my joints, bones, organs and my Psyche will thank me!”

Dealing with your body does not help her at a lower weight – she is happier and happier, has gained more joy of life and energy.

And that is exactly what it finally comes!

Cornelia Bertram

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