The perfect morning routine: 5 reasons why to practice Yoga in the morning should

The list of reasons why you should try Yoga at least once, is long and any Yogi can tell of his personal positive experiences.

But among the longtime supporters of the doctrine, there is disagreement about when is the best time for the practice.

Yoga supports the body at any time of day

Directly after getting Up, greet the sun, or, rather, before bedtime for more balance and a clear head to worry about?

Of course, a Yoga Flow will provide the body any time of the day a lot of advantages. But who practiced his Asanas in the Morning, you can enjoy even more positive impact.

The following five points should be even for a morning of good reasons to go but once to the early hour on the Mat.

1. With more energy to start the day

Many people grab in the morning to have a Cup of coffee or tea to be really awake. However, Yoga can have a similar uplifting effect.

Because the stimulating combination of movement and deep breathing improves the supply of oxygen to the body and stimulates the blood circulation.

The large amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, also improves the physical Feel and makes for a better mood, and more concentration.

Another advantage is that, With time, the former will Stand up to the habit – the unpleasant morning fatigue is history.

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2. Metabolism and digestion benefit

Anyone who tries right after getting in some Asanas, is the day not only have more energy to look forward to. Also, the metabolism is stimulated and the whole day is encouraged.

Yoga poses, which include, for example, rotations of the upper body, stimulate the digestive system and support the intestines.

Especially if the night before a heavy meal has been eaten, can help the morning round of Yoga to reduce bloating and flatulence to get rid of.

3.The immune system is supported

Stretch, Stretch and twist during a Yoga Flow also has a positive effect on the immune system. Because by these movements, the Drainage of the lymph is increased.

The lymph is a fluid rich in immune cells. If the lymphatic system is working properly, this can prevent infections and waste products of the cells dispose of it.

So it is well armed against many of the pathogens, which one meets in the course of the day.

4. Sporting results improve

In Yoga, you can burn a lot of calories and the entire body, strengthen and tone. These results can even be improved, if it starts directly to the sportive day.

Because before Breakfast, the body must receive its energy from the rest of the reserves. Another plus point: There is nothing Heavy in the stomach, which could interfere with the practice.

Besides, it does well simply, motivated to begin with the work, and to know, to have the body already done something Good.

5. Stiff joints become loose

You have lain down while sleeping in an awkward Position, this quickly the next Morning by pain in back, neck and neck noticeable.

Yoga can help to relieve this pain immediately, without a pain pill.

Through the gentle movements of the braced joints are warmed and loosened, complaints directly reduced.

Cornelia Bertram

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