The Best Speed Bags for Boxing Workouts

If you’re looking for the ultimate total-body workout to add into your training, look no further than boxing. Actors Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Foxx, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kevin Hart—along with actual fighters, of course—all train hard at the sport for good reason.

“Anyone can put a pair of boxing gloves on, but not everyone can just be a boxer,” lineal heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, a.k.a. The Gypsy King, previously told Men’s Health during a video interview. “It’s a very hard game and a tough one to learn.”

First, start by shadowboxing, stringing together punch combos for 30 seconds to one minute. The basic punches you’ll utilize include:

Jab: A quick punch using your forward hand (left for righties, right for southpaws)

Cross: A punch across your body from the back hand (right for righties, left for southpaws)

Hook: A sweeping strike from across the body using either hand (not demonstrated above, but used in the other workouts below)

Uppercut: A punch upward using power from your hips to strike with either hand.

Looking for a great boxing-inspirited workout to try? Try this one from Ngo Okafor, a two-time Golden Gloves boxing champ and the owner/founder of Iconoclast Fitness Studio in Manhattan. (And if you’re also looking for a punching bag, we rounded up 13 of the best.)

Once you advance beyond the basics of shadowboxing, a great place to hone your skills is with a speed bag. We rounded up six of the best speed bags to add to your home gym to take your boxing training to the next level.

Everlast Speed Bag Kit

This Everlast speed bag kit has everything you need to start your boxing training at home. It comes with a 24″ smoothly-finished wooden platform with a speed bag swivel and vinyl speed bag, as well as a jump rope, hand wraps, and bag gloves.

Venum Hurricane Double Ended Speed Bag

Venum’s Hurricane speed bag has two attachments, one fixed into the ground and one fixed above that creates tension on the bag and offers a greater range of motion than traditional speed bags. The double ended bag will help you work on speed and precision in your combinations and attacks. lets you work with dynamic movements in attack and defense.

Fairtex 4-Inch Speed Ball

Fairtex, a top Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) equipment company based in Thailand, has a great speed ball option. There are two options that come in a 4 and 5″ diameter that have a durable inner tube to keep their shape and speed as you work on your footwork and hand-eye coordination.

TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bags

TITLE’s speed bags come in the most variety of sizes, depending on your preference. The iconic boxing brand’s bags are also made of tough, lightweight leather with welted seams. But best of all, the loop is quad wrapped so it can sustain wear and tear on any swivel.

Brace Master Double-End Speed Ball

This speed bag is ball-shaped to help you hone in on your precision punching. This kit also comes with an inflating pump, a gas needle, lock and two elastic ropes. The durable ball also has inflatable liner to help prevent air loss.

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