Summer without Menstruation?: Experts warn: the anti-baby pill is not easily ready-to-use

Holidays on the sea – as the menstrual period does not fit. Many women postpone you, therefore, now, with the anti-baby pill, the is very easy. However, experts warn of a too careless handling.

“Even if serious complications are rare, they can destroy the life of a young woman,” said the Chairman of the working group on women’s health in medicine, psychotherapy and society, Ingrid Mühlhauser. “As a Lifestyle treatment the pill is therefore inappropriate and it is not approved.”

Risk of thrombosis may be higher in summer

The pill, for example, only in the summer, and not continuously, so that the bleeding bothers you on vacation or on the beach, also holds the Kiel gynecologist and author Dorothee Struck for “stupid”.

“You have to know that in the first half of the year, taking always the highest risk for thrombosis, embolism or strokes. And just in the summer you have to travel frequently for vacation a lot and cramped the reinforced seats the risk.”

The pill itself is not bad, so the Doctor employs in her books with other methods of contraception. “Bad, only the total slack to deal with.”

The contraceptive pill prevents the monthly Ripening of an egg and thus also ovulation. It is classically taken way for 21 days. In a seven-day break, there is a withdrawal bleed.

Women take the pill, but sometimes longer and move your bleeding on a date that is more favourable for them. Meanwhile, pills for the so-called long-are also a time cycle on the market for three months at a stretch.

Move the cycle easily

Such a long-term cycle is also in line with every other single pill, said the Hamburg-based gynaecologist and an expert of the German society for gynecology and obstetrics, Anneliese pivot Hagen.

The Move of the cycle, in itself, is unproblematic: “It is actually, regardless of whether the withdrawal bleeding starts after 21, 28, 32 days or even a few weeks later.” The inventors of the pill have adjusted to the cycle to the natural cycle of the woman – medically this is not absolutely necessary.

Medically necessary reasons for the break from the Pill

The continuous ingestion had no idea of the pharmaceutical industry to sell more pills, but something, what is recommended by gynaecologists, some patients for many years, so the pivot Hagen, whose practice specializes in hormonal disorders.

Migraines, extremely strong menstrual pain or the disease endometriosis are common medical reasons. “Because you can make a difference, through the continuous taking of the pill is not very much Good.” Also, a duration of intake of Lifestyle reasons it considers to be “completely legitimate” and easily.

“The current scientific data shows a comparable Benefit-to-harm ratio between the classic pill-taking and long-term use,” said Ingrid Mühlhauser.

However, the study lacked data on the long-term effects. The pros and cons, as well as the uncertainty about long-term consequences need to be explained by the doctor in detail. “The pill is not a homeopathic Placebo, but a medication that significantly impacts the hormonal balance of the woman.”

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