Suddenly sporty: Corona allows for more movement in the German

The Corona pandemic has changed to a survey, according to the motion behavior of many Germans.

A good part of the population was encouraged by the Virus crisis, therefore, is to ride more with the bike, trails to walk instead of driving back, or sweat more often in the gym, at home or in the garden.

This was the result of a representative survey on behalf of the DKV German health insurance, which is present the German press Agency.

In the survey, 22 percent said that they go in their leisure time more with the wheel. Similar to the size of the group of those who pulls itself together after its own information, more and more fitness training at home or in the garden.

26 percent reported that they a lot more trails to explore on foot or on the bike instead of using car, Bus or train. 37 percent said to go on more walks. Also Jogging or walking was at 15 per cent a bit more popular.

For the survey, were interviewed according to DKV, in cooperation with the market research Institute Ipsos representative 1060-persons between the ages of 16 and 75 years.

The data were collected in mid-may. The results are to be seen against the Background that the Germans generally are considered to be people of the Rumsitzer.

In 2018, a big survey came to the conclusion that only 43 percent of the respondents achieved the recommended minimum level of physical activity. The value had decreased in the past few years.

“Movement is a key for our health. Many people have feared that the necessary Lockdown could exacerbate the already in Parts of the company’s existing lack of movement further,” said the Chairman of the DKV, Clemens Muth.

The new survey data are from his point of view, therefore, a positive Surprise.

Coronavirus has a negative impact on mental health

In addition to physical health in Corona-times, a focus on the mental Constitution was thrown. Here, the study paints a rather darker picture.

Many people keep their Distance and contact constraints, apparently, on the mind. More than a third (39 per cent) stated that the restrictions by the Corona-crisis – if they last longer – a “rather negative” or “very negative” impact on their mental health.

In the case of people who have children, the proportion was even greater.

As a very distressing the respondents felt that mainly the lack of contact with the family outside of their household (25 percent) and to friends (24 percent).

The economic development for the society was often regarded as very stressful (25 percent). Interestingly, said only 11 percent, that it affects their own economic development. The Work in the home office saw only 4 percent as a great burden.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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