Steph Curry Just Showed Off Some Advanced Basketball Drills You Can Try at Home

NBA champion Steph Curry has joined the ranks of pro athletes like Venus Williams and Roger Federer who have been coaching sports fans through lockdown with workout videos. In a series of short clips posted to his Underrated Twitter page, the Golden State Warrior is demonstrating basketball drills that people can try at home, to help them improve their own performance.

“I know we’re all missing the game right now,” he says. “I wanted to give you guys some skills and drills, and no matter where you’re at, you can take these drills, work on your game, and when we get back out there on the court, you’ll be ready to go.”

In the first video, Curry shows how to go from a single-leg reverse lunge into a Romanian deadlift to a layup finish. He recommends 10 to 12 sets of this sequence of moves that build strength and stability in the lower body:

These are unprecedented times and we want you to know that we are here for you. Our guy @StephenCurry30 wanted to help keep you in shape and fine tune those skills. Make sure to come back each week for new Skills + Drills. Let’s get it! #StayUnderrated

Nice work! Not always the most fun work, but building that strength and core stability are vital. More to come! #StayUnderrated

In the most recent video, Curry gets “real fancy” with his passing drill, and warns viewers in advance that their coaches will probably get annoyed if they start showing these off in their training once lockdown ends.

“We’re going to do a little bounce, behind the back, chest pass, and bounce pass, get a little creative,” he says, adding: “Your assist to turnover ratios are not my responsibility!”

Welcome to Edition ✌️ of Underrated Skills + Drills. DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for your coach hating this one! 🤭 😂 #StayUnderrated

Don’t feel disheartened if you aren’t able to nail these complicated, more challenging drills with the same proficiency as the two-time MVP right away. Practice makes perfect.

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