Stay activ!: 10 tips on how you stay also in the summer to stay fit

Get in the holiday: at last, discover new places, the stress of everyday life behind and enjoy life. A healthy Balance of relaxation and Training is good not only of the soul but also the body.

With these ten tips to stay in the summer vacation active and fit:

1. Good Preparation

Whoever starts early with the planning of your holiday, not in the Last-Minute Stress and increases the anticipation of the trip. A packing list can help you to forget nothing Important.

Sports shoes and a couple workout outfits should definitely be in the suitcase. Because comfortable clothing is for an effective Workout, the A and O.

How about also with a portable fitness Studio?

The PAKAMA sport Bag is a lightweight and waterproof daypack, the comprehensive fitness accessories, and perfect for an Outdoor vacation is.

In addition, there are many Fitness Apps, which can be used everywhere in the holidays to train for HIIT Sessions, for Running or for Yoga practice.

2. Workout in the Hotel Gym

Those who opt for a holiday in a hotel, are lucky, because most of the Hotels now have a well-equipped fitness Studio.

For all who train regularly at home, in the Gym, this is the most convenient variant, because the shorter the way to the Sport could be.

Many Hotels also offer a private Spa area, often a Massage is even included. Perfect to relax after the workout.

3. Bodyweight Training and go Jogging

No gym in the vicinity? Is on holiday no excuse.

Because for an intense Bodyweight workout, you need neither a Gym nor equipment. So you can push with his own body weight anywhere effective Sport.

In addition, Jogging Workout is the perfect holiday to explore the area and train at the same time. Ideal for when you are in the middle of nature and the landscape can enjoy.

Another advantage is that The body needs to adjust to a different ground texture – so you can improve your own running style.

4. In the morning train

The best thing about the holiday is to leave the everyday routine behind.

A morning workout can help to start fresh in the day, because the body is in the morning, recovered completely.

In addition, you have done the Training already and can enjoy the Rest of the day to the fullest.

Another plus point: In the early hours of the morning, the temperatures are pleasantly cool – for example, while Jogging on the beach or Swim in the sea.

The excuse that it is much too hot to do sports so he doesn’t count!

5. Take up a new sport

Many love it, to discover in the holiday foreign places, other cultures and meeting people. So why not trying out a new sport?

Whether it’s Surf lessons, mountain Biking or rock Climbing often a vacation resort offers a variety of activities, the there are at home in this Form.

In the vacation one has time and energy to try everything out and the positive effects on strength, agility and stamina by the way, exploit. After the activity, the Relax also makes twice as much fun.

And who knows, maybe you will even find a new Hobby.

6. Sightseeing by foot or Bicycle

With the rental car the island Bus in the city, or the Elevator to explore, via the Shuttle in the 3. Hotel days in the holidays many people like it easy.

The majority of sightseeing attractions are much more practical on foot or by Bicycle. Instead of having to travel each route with Bus or Taxi, it is itself in movement and learns by the way, the resort even better.

Perfect for a city break: Sightseeing on foot, it is not just doing something for his Fitness, but discovered in the best case, one or the other secluded cafe, away from other tourists.

Tip: In many accommodations you can rent bicycles for free, just ask at the reception.

7. Enjoy eating aware

How to learn to know a new country is best? By trying the local cuisine.

In the holiday is enough time, finally, to eat in peace and enjoy the local specialities are aware of.

The ideal time to listen to his body and to not overeat. Because studies show that the feeling of satiety occurs only after 20 minutes.

Anyone who enjoys so aware of has a more intense taste experience and can avoid unnecessary calories.

8. Enough to drink

Drinking a lot is healthy, nutrition experts emphasize again and again.

In the vacation, it is particularly important: the higher the temperature, the more fluid the body loses, for example, through sweating.

To compensate for fluid loss, it is important to make sure to drink enough. So it remains active and feels energetic.

9. Stay away from alcohol

In General, you should enjoy alcohol in moderation, or better yet, abandoned altogether.

Who can be in the holiday the glass, stand, sleep better, promotes its metabolism and saves you unnecessary calories.

10. Enjoy the holiday

These tips are suggestions that can help you to stay active during the holidays.

It is important to not only listen to his body to put himself under pressure and not overdo it.

The goal is to enjoy the holiday and to find the right Balance of relaxation and exercise – so you come back rested and recovered from the holidays.


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