Snack-Trend: The sweet Hype of cake sprinkles to go

Cake sprinkles are what you wegnaschte in the cliché as a child, the grandma in the kitchen when baking.

The word Streusel is, according the “Duden” from the Latin Verb “struere” to “on top of each other, side by side, wide, stacking”.

In Frankfurt am Main and in Berlin there is now a Local by the name of “Streuselbar” that pay homage to the baked lumps of flour, Butter and sugar.

To buy, there are in addition to coffee, ice cream, and “grandma’s darling” (a streusel cake with Apple or Pudding) also loose, warm crumble (bag for 3.50 euros; Grandma would say 7 Mark).

There are two varieties: classic and Granola (so crunchy oat dough). In addition, crumble with sauce or as a Topping on Pudding, compote or yoghurt, are on offer.

Operated the business from the Frankfurt services group, Wisag, which operates in addition to the airport services also catering.

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“Crumble bars” on the rise

After the first branches in the so-called Fressgass near the Old Opera house in Frankfurt (opening in December) and in the shopping centre “Mall of Berlin” in the vicinity of the Potsdamer Platz (corona due in may instead of March opened) could there be more “crumble bars”, for example in Düsseldorf.

The sprinkles Hype matches the pastry trend: Recently, ungebackener biscuit is in many German supermarkets “dough” in the refrigerated section – so a mass of wheat flour, Butter and sugar spoons.

The cookie dough is “Cookie Bros.” of the Start-ups SD Sugar Daddies from Bergheim, near Cologne, will cost in the 160-gram cups about 3 Euro and has 700 calories.

The Streuselbar concept was tested before the first opening of the one and a half years with a food truck that drove through Germany. Newfangled is that the payment is only by card, no cash, possible.

The ‘Frankfurter Rundschau’, said: “the Shop with the concept of grandma-nostalgia with modern-grandchildren-method of payment.”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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