Risk of injury, and co.: these are the most unhealthy Jobs

While a squatting several hours a day in front of the computer, risking others in their Professions or their health. But what kind of Jobs are actually the most dangerous?

Online contact lens retailer and expert for glasses and contact lenses, Lenstore, has conducted a study, on the basis of which occupations according to their risk for the health of the Population, were classified.

In this study, 48 different occupations on the basis of eight different risks with values from 0 (very safe) to 100 were classified (most dangerous).

From the average, this eventually results in the total risk.

The eight health risks

This includes, among other things, that the security of a profession is contrary to often the opportunity to stay fit.

However, the probability of a common danger and ways to protect yourself, or negative consequences of offset, are to be observed in the assessment.

The relevant categories of the health risks range from the risk of injury about a possible risk of infection, to Maintain a healthy posture and overall Fitness.

Within these categories, gradations, in turn, are made. So apply at the risk of’ damage to the sense, to suffer the perception of very high or very low temperatures as dangerous as a loud noise.

Physical proximity is regarded as a large risk

At first glance, the Drilling rig operator appears as a clear loser.

He is called as the most dangerous profession because it is associated with the highest risk of injury, the most damage to the sensory perception and the one with the most sun damage.

The overall risk is calculated in a different way, which is why the title of ‘ emergency paramedic emerges as ungesündeste from this study.

In him also is the risk of infection in addition to possible damage to the sense-perception is particularly high.

And this is classified as more serious than, for example, the risk of injury, which is exposed to a Drilling rig operator, because of physical proximity as the most common infection is a risk.

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Gesündester profession of the tax consultant

Since some problems may be more easily resolved than others, the profession of tax Advisor as the healthiest of the study, closely followed by the web developers.

A lack of Fitness due to working a Desk, you can compensate easily with a walk during the lunch break or by driving with the bike to work.

Somewhat more complicated, the relief for the eyes after long hours of screen viewing is here. In the best case, so experts advise, should you all of 20 minutes, the eyes for about 20 seconds from the Screen and something about 20 meters far Away turn to in order to save the eye.

Cooking and hairdressing are in the midfield

In midfield, the profession of hairdresser is, for example. A certain amount of infection in this profession risk by human contact and also muscles and joints are stressed by the many, but in all other categories the values are extremely low.

For example, the hair is exposed to any risk due to sun damage (0), has no need to fear damage to the sensory perception through his job and doesn’t live a particularly dangerous during its activity.


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Kimberly Papenthin

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