Rising demand, organic foods are booming in the Corona-crisis

Organic is booming – especially in the Corona of a pandemic. Figures of the society for consumer research (GfK), demand for food rose from organic production in the first three months of the Corona-crisis considerably more than the sales in the grocery trade as a whole.

“The Corona-crisis has not stopped the Trend to a more sensible consumer, apparently. Quite the contrary: you seem to have it reinforced,” says the GfK trade expert Robert Kecskes.

With this assessment he is not alone. The information portal of the Organic farming sector reported record sales in the natural foods trade and a Boom in organic subscription boxes.

Also, the national Association for organic farming (LVÖ) in Bavaria, observed: “more and more people opt for when shopping for organic products.” In particular, regional offers are in demand.

In a recent survey by the market research Institute AMM 30 percent of consumers said they have their organic purchases in the pandemic expanded.

“The share of organic products on grocery shopping has to get through the pandemic, a further boost”, therefore, is the Director of the study, the trade expert Joachim Riedl of the University of applied Sciences Hof, convinced.

Corona-pandemic makes organic products are booming

According to the survey, the organic products are not benefited in the past few months, just from your reputation, high-quality to be eco-friendly and healthy.

The consumer also attacked, therefore, to organic products, because they wanted to support in times of global pandemic and regional suppliers and farmers.

In addition, visits and past holiday was often given fancy restaurant trips more money for quality food available.

For comparison, in Not even 4 percent of the consumers said in the survey that they had restricted their organic purchases. And where it happened, it happened more often, involuntarily.

Than reasons often were called, that you no longer wanted to visit because of the crisis so many of the shops, or that due to Corona is less money available.

The pandemic could not break the Bio-Boom so far. Since a few years ago, organic products are one of the biggest drivers of growth in the food trade.

According to data from the Federation of Ecological food industry (BÖLW), sales rose by Edeka, Rewe, Aldi, Lidl and co. with organic food and drinks alone in the last year by 11.4 percent to more than 7 billion euros.

More and more supermarkets and discounters put on Bio

Supermarkets and discounters are the Bio-technical markets market shares to recover. The large retail chains would be perceived by consumers “increasingly as a competent provider of organic food,” says Riedl.

It may succeed more and more, even Bio-intensive buyer to address. Conversely, Bio-technical markets made it but barely, to lure Bio-Occasion shoppers into their stores. This could be for specialist markets in the future, to the Problem.

The consumer is benefiting at the Moment from the growing competition in the organic market. Because Bio is cheaper.

“The price wars to value added tax-cuts from beams to the Bio-business”, observed recently, the industries trade journal ‘Lebensmittel Zeitung’ and gave as examples Aldi-organic-minced-meat in the 400-gram pack at a competitive price of 2,70 Euro and the organic pizza dough from Lidl for € 1.27.

And the price war in the organic sector could increase even if Corona, the unemployment numbers should continue to rise and the customers need to be more want to pay attention to every penny – but on Bio and not do. Trade expert Riedl certainly still room for cutbacks actions.

He is convinced: “The intense competition among the large traders will be the trade margins for organic are reduced. Game room is plentiful, because the price premium for organic food is now recognised to be a large part of the trade.”

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