Researchers give you the answers: Why die, more men than women in the Coronavirus?

Men of Coronavirus disease, a poorer prognosis than women. You can get often more difficult to Covid-19, and die more often.

What seemed to be a phenomenon of China, with its high number of men Smoking, confirmed now in the world.

Data of the research initiative Global Health 50/50 from more than 20 countries show that women are infected as often as men. In the case of mortality rates, the distribution is about one-third to two-thirds.

Also in Germany there are more men affected

“We see this here in Germany. We have many male patients,” says Clemens Wendtner, chief physician of the clinic for infectious diseases at the Munich, clinic Schwabing, had treated in February, the first-ever Corona-patients in Germany.

And also Christoph Spinner, Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) says: “It is more men are definitely affected.”

According to the situation report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 21. June died across all age groups up to the 70 – to 79-Year-old at least twice as many men as women.

Then the ratio balances and returns from the age group of 90 – to 99-Year-old, but possibly because there are more elderly women than men.

As to the reasons it is at The RKI only, there will be a lot of open questions. It will take until a reliable assessment is possible.

Cause could ungesünderer his style of Life

A guess: The often ungesündere life-style of men. Straight men of the older Generation, in the less on diet and lifestyle was respected, could be more suffering from pre-existing conditions.

Conceivable is also, that men just go later to the doctor, and therefore, the diseases no longer procrastinate. Especially in the discussion of the so-called ACE2 Receptor, the Sars-CoV-2 Virus in the lungs can penetrate but.

He is according to a study, men in a higher concentration. The Team from the University Medical Center Groningen had studied the relationship between ACE2 and chronic heart failure and the gender difference noted.

The reason for the higher concentration of ACE2 in men is not known, the researchers write in the ‘European Heart Journal’.

The enzyme, the blood vessels in the lung, kidney, blood, heart, and gastrointestinal tract makes its appearance, is regarded as the portal of Entry for corona virus , for simple colds, as in the case of the corona virus-induced diseases Covid-19, Sars and Mers.

Also in the case of Mers, men were more affected, says Bernhard Zwißler, Director of the clinic for anesthesiology at LMU University hospital.

It’ll just investigated whether the administration of ACE-inhibitors as a blood pressure-lowering result is that cells produce more of the ACE2-Receptor, and thus are more prone to infection. It is conceivable, don’t be quite, be proven it yet.

Heart and circulatory diseases more common in men

Cardiovascular diseases are a risk factor for Covid-19 – and men are more affected by this than women. “From a Global perspective, it is so that men die more often of cardiovascular disease. But whether this is the key, we don’t know,” explains Spinner.

He, too, sees in the different Regulation of the ACE2 receptor is a possible explanation, but warns if the interpretations of previous findings to caution.

Some experts see as the factors for the different characteristics of the female hormone Estrogen, with its protective mechanism of action or the stronger immune system of women – and without that there is clear evidence.

That the immune system of women to viral infections generally reacts faster and stronger than that of men, shows, according to virologists in other Virus diseases, such as for the influenza, Sars and Mers.

Or in the case of simple colds – Witticisms about the ‘men-colds‘ seem to contain a core of truth. For this, women are more likely to suffer Auto-immune diseases in which the immune system sees and its own cells attacks, a possible complication even in the case of Covid-19.

Countless studies are currently underway worldwide to Covid-19, gender-specific Differences. The doctors hope that the clarification of this question opens up new avenues for the treatment.


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