Relationship frustration: for this reasons couples argue most frequently

Every sixth couple is arguing, almost never, but under most pairs of it comes to conflict just yet. The Online Dating service elite partner has examined in one study, the most common issues among couples. For this, they interviewed 13.019 adult Internet users.

The most common dispute issues the order in the household or the mobile phone consumer of the partner. However, the communication and the finances to give a reason for trouble among Lovers.

But how can a Relationship be without extreme conflicts lead to? Lisa Fischbach, a psychologist of the matchmaking explained, what matters in a well-functioning relationship really.

Disorder, as the largest dispute factor

If the dirty dishes in the kitchen or the Laundry on the floor – is the most common topic of debate among the respondents of the disorder. Especially women seem to want more of your Partner: With about 47 per cent, the most common topic of debate, it is among the female participants.

But also for the men, the issue of regulation is an important criterion in a functioning relationship. Some 38 percent also, to start a fight, if there was a disorder in the household.

The odious Addiction to the Smartphone

The Smartphone is the constant companion of most people. But in a partnership, the faithful companion can quickly become a test of endurance. The partners spend suddenly have more time to enjoy with your technique than the togetherness.

This Conflict interferes with both sexes almost equally in a relationship. About every fourth participant argues, because of the technical distraction with his Partner.

But the joint Finance break at around 20 per cent of the peace and lead to quarrels. Also in this aspect, it results in both sexes equally to a risk of Conflict.

If the everyday life of the organization is missing

Mostly of the daily life in addition to the own requirements and the Job from some of the obligations: household tasks, childcare, shopping, or cooking. In order to cope with all these tasks, of everyday life stress-free is organization talent asked.

However, women seem to be less satisfied with the everyday organization of your partner: About 21 percent of the study participants indicate that this aspect often leads to conflict. However, the ladies seem to be not always perfectly organized.

Whether the choice of dress, or a forgotten Meeting: Approximately 21 percent of the men surveyed indicate that they were arguing due to the Tardiness of their female partners.

Lack of interest in the Partner

The Kommunikationist the A&O in a healthy relationship, but women in particular seem to wish for more interest from your Partner. Around 17 percent mention the lack of communication as a potential point of Conflict. For men, in contrast, is about 13 percent.

However, despite the communication conflict affection and Sex seem to be rarely a Problem among couples. Only every tenth Respondent argues with his Partner about the intimate togetherness.

Poor driving style before the annoying parents-in-law

Normally, the parents-in-law tend to lead to a dispute, however, among the respondents, only about 13 percent of the quarrel because of the family. Dealing with cars, motorcycles or bicycles seems to carry a far greater potential for conflict in relationships.

High speeds, sharp curves, or distracted Driving – under-the respondents around 17 percent argue about the driving style of the partner. In this case, both sexes are equally affected.

Jealousy is rarely a topic of debate

A Flirt or look – jealousy, especially in fresh relationships to disputes. But overall, the theme seems to be jealousy to be a low potential for dispute: Only around 8 percent indicate that they quarrel from jealous reasons with your Partner.

It is different, however, in the manners of each other. About 14 percent of the women interviewed argue due to a lack of manners with your Partner. In the case of men it is about 13 percent.

Disputes dispute free

In addition to these diverse issues, the study shows, however, Every sixth Couple is fighting, almost never. But as is the way with all the possible conflicts that even possible?

Psychologist Lisa Fischbach explains: “Even happy couples argue, just different. In daily life in Relationship with different needs and desires collide frequently and must be negotiated. Especially in stressful times, such as during the Corona pandemic, decreases our tolerance threshold, and we can compensate for the small corners and edges of the partner worse.”

Couples should not ignore conflicts, but with the right Ways to solve: “Who solves conflicts in a constructive way, will feel no negative impact on the couple life. Pairs of values, however, in disputes, the opinions of others do not apply, respond to abusive or beyond the conflict, couples are a threat to the life of separation. But good to Argue you can learn!”

Michelle Steinmetz

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