PSA: You Can Buy C9 Champion Activewear For Next To Nothing Right Now

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a person can never have too many great pairs of leggings. (I should know—they’re literally all I’ve worn over the past three months.) I mean, very few things can ruin a workout—okay, or binge-watching session—like having all your favorites in the laundry and having to resort to a stiff, constricting pair.

Fortunately, Amazon is here to help. In honor of Amazon’s Big Style Sale, the e-tailer is offering huge discounts on C9 Champion’s leggings, tops, and more.

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There’s a reason why Champion’s line is a favorite amongst fitness editors and enthusiasts alike. C9 is known for offering high-quality workout clothes at a fair, affordable price. In fact, the prices are so good that you can refresh your entire workout wardrobe for under $100. That’s a great deal considering many activewear brands charge close to $100 for a single pair of leggings.Oh, and did I mention the collection has crazy-good reviews?(Women’s Health editors have vouched for the fact that their leggings and tops hold up well over time.)

Champion C9 activewear is affordable on any given day; however, Amazon’s Big Style Sale gives you the chance to save even more. That’s right, you can score leggings for under $20, supportive sports bras for under $15, and a shirt for $10. If this isn’t a sign to buy even more leggings, what is?

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