Protection against germs: This error you should when Infused Water avoid

Lemon or ginger slices, fresh berries, watermelon or mint in the choice of ingredients for Infused Water, the imagination has no limits.

In warm temperatures-infused water with fruit, vegetables or herbs especially refreshing and encouraging, sufficient, and his days need to drink.

The daily requirement of fluid is different for each individual. There are, however, a rough rule of thumb, stating that you should take 4% of his body weight (in kilograms) of liquid.

With a weight of 68 kg 2.7 litres.

How long the ingredients in the Infused Water stay fresh?

Especially if you have prepared a large carafe of water, caution is required.

“You can pour the day, always fresh water, but I would not keep the water carafe on the night — not in the refrigerator,” says Dagmar von Cramm, Nutritionist and author based in Freiburg, Germany.

Ginger and lemon slices in the exception were: talking a little longer and would make on the second day Aroma. Berries and herbs, however, should not be used any longer.

“The mud can be berries, take out and mash them – for example, for a salad dressing in the evening or the yogurt the next Morning,” suggests von Cramm.

In the case of hot temperatures can form germs

In addition to the optical impression of the ingredients in the pitcher of water, there is a fact, whether the drink is in the fridge or on the table.

“In a relatively warm summer temperatures is not due to the fruits of all this concern, but more because of the water, because the developed germs,” says von Cramm.

It is therefore useful to put the carafe during the day from time to Time cold or to use special cooling carafes.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), editor-in-FIT FOR FUN

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