Proper technique: These 3 mistakes you should avoid when Swimming

Swimming is an ideal sport to his endurance on the joints exercising kind of way.

In addition, it builds wonderfully on the back and chest muscles.

Most of the glide leisurely with the chest swimming technique in the water. Actually a very pleasant technique, but they can vouch if used incorrectly, dangers.

These three errors should be avoided when Swimming in the best case.

1. Swimming rigid posture when Breast

In order to relieve the neck muscles, you should dive, however, is always the head and not the whole time rigid on the surface, advises the back the action of Healthy.

It is relatively common that hobby float*complain about neck discomfort or even a severe Strain of wear.

2. Incorrect rotation when swimming freestyle

The Crawl is the fast swimming techniques – this is where the shoulders will be greatly challenged. Not to overload you with information, the experts recommend to turn when you Breathe in, not only the head, but always, if possible, the whole body to the side.

3. Head swim hyperextension in the back

In the backstroke turn, it is important not to stretch the head too far to the rear. This swimming style applies the information to by the way as the overall healthiest.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa), editor-in-FIT FOR FUN

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