PM Modi hilariously asks Milind Soman ‘are you really that old’ during Fit India Dialogue, praises his mother for acing push-ups at 81

The first anniversary of Fit India Movement saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi interact online with fitness experts and influencers from across the country including Milind Soman. Addressing him as ‘Made in India Milind’ after the 90’s song that shot the actor to fame, PM Modi acknowledged how the 54-year-old star had contributed to the fitness movement in his own vocal way by even penning a book titled after the famous track.

On a lighter note, PM Modi pointed out about how netizens keep discussing his age and asked, “Whatever you say your age is – are you really that old or is it something else?” Cracking up at the hilarious question, Milind answered, “A lot of people ask me the same question about my age. They also ask me how am I able to run such long distances (like from Delhi to Mumbai in 2012) in this age. I tell them – my mother at 81 – is capable of doing all this. She is a huge source of inspiration for me and for many others.”

He added, “If you go the villages, women travel kilometres to fill water and for other activities. The problem in cities with the widespread of technology is that we sit a lot at a place for work and other things. This makes them lazy.” He threw light on his women-only fitness program, Pinkathon, where women aged even 60 above, begin with a regular run of 3 kms before moving on to regular exercises and ending up running 100 kms.

As Milind appreciated the Fit India Movement for pushing people to recognize their physical and mental strength, PM Modi asserted, “Fitness knows no age.” He revealed how someone had shared with him a video of Milind’s mother, Usha Soman, nailing push-ups even at the age of 81 which left him in awe and made him watch it on loop over 5 times.

Flaunting his mother’s fitness achievements, Milind proudly revealed how she continues to inspire him as she not only began trekking after the age of 60 years but also scaled Mount Kilimanjaro and even attended the Everest base camp all in that age. In return, Milind taught her how to do squats, push-ups and other exercises which she does now on a daily basis. “I salute your mother”, PM Modi said at Milind’s latest revelation.

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