Pamela Mature: 10-minute full-body Workout for the Unmotivated

The Motivation for the Sport is missing? Absolutely no Problem! This crisp full-body Workout by Pamela Mature you will certainly give the necessary thrust.

In just ten minutes, the movements not only bring momentum to your weary limbs – you train at the same time your muscles are actually pretty effective.

A clear Win-Win Situation.

10 minutes at full Power!

The movements speak to pretty much all the muscle groups of your body. Special attention is put on the legs and the Butt and the abdominal muscles.

Within the training, the Exercises follow each other directly. Time to catch you breath, therefore, only afterwards again.

What are you waiting for? Turn the music on, you put on your sports clothes and get a pad then it can start already.

A Lot Of Fun!

1. Dancers warm-up table

To prevent injury, and the body something to Wake up, start Pam with two Exercises, the your butt of the Couch to get:

  • Push it away
  • Booby Shake

You do realize: This Workout aims, in particular, that you have fun and get some exercise in the days to integrate, you tend to be lazy and unmotivert are.

2. Tension in the legs

Still dancing, but a bit more strenuous for the muscles in the legs and buttocks, continue with the next Exercises:

  • You’re a Superstar
  • Squat Up & Down
  • Wood Chopper left & right
  • Macarena Squat Hold
  • Up Side Punch

Even if these Exercises with dance elements are much easier to keep than sets with heavy Weights, you should pay attention to a clean execution.

So it is with the Squats extremely important to have a correct position of the legs: The legs are slightly placed wider than hips, toes slightly rotated to the outside, the weight on the whole foot.

3. Abdominal muscles require Standing

Your legs are shaking a little? Good! Now your body gets, especially the middle of your fat. In this Workout but of course not without a proper Dose of fun.

  • Bobby Rolls
  • From the Side, Cross right & left
  • Cross Crunch Toe Touch

These Exercises look at Pamela, perhaps easily. But you’ll quickly notice that you will challenge your abdominal muscles, but quite nice.

Important: The breathing not forget! The best thing is you breathe, if your body is pulling the middle together and breathe in when you stretch you again.

Before the next Block starts, and for your legs, a round

  • Up Front Punch

4. Exercises in a Lying position

Also in the following Exercises, the body is especially in the middle of the focus. But you have to hold on a bit before you can put you back on the Sofa.

  • Roll in Stand up
  • Roll into Scissor Kicks
  • Sit up Forward Stretch
  • Sitting Toe reach

Similar to the previous Exercises, Eighth, also applies here: on a clean design, as well as the correct breathing technique. Do the individual movements prefer something a little slower, but correct.

5. Stretch and Cool Down

You’re almost there already! Only four Exercises, then you have completed Pam’s Workout successful so quickly a bad day can be made more Pro-active.

The movements of the trigger for the last Time in a holistic way your body simultaneously for a comfortable Stretch – especially in the back of your legs.

  • Plank To Pike
  • Plank Say Hi
  • Cat Cow Rolls
  • Bear Hold

After these two minutes, you’re then already. Ensure that you are not so motivated were, but that was not so bad, is it?

Cornelia Bertram

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