Of dancers inspired: 4 Exercises for strong legs and a toned Butt

To train the legs and the buttocks, many fitness enthusiasts like to heavy Weights and strenuous resistance.

Anyone who has tried to a crisp, of dancers inspired workout, know, however, is A sweaty workout that the muscles calls for and promotes, is definitely without.

With controlled movements to the bottom

It is precisely on these delicate elements of Fitness-Influnecerin Madfit supported in your new Workout, she posted on Instagram.

At first glance, the majority of these exercise variations looks are supposedly very gentle and calm.

If you try yourself, you’ll notice quickly that those slow movements truly in itself.

HOWTO: a more Sets of each Exercise for 30 seconds. After a 15-second break, the Set is repeated.

Overall, the Workout takes only 15 minutes and speak in front of all the muscle strands in the Po, as well as the Inner and outer side of your thigh – perfect for a lovely, strong legs.

A further advantage of the Workouts: You need no Equipment, just an exercise Mat and gym clothes. Then it can start already.

1. Glute Bridge Variation

Maddie begins to crisp Workout with some Exercises that are especially appealing to the buttocks and the muscles of the back of the Leg.

Lie down on your back and place your legs on the handles, only the balls of your feet touch the ground.

To make the Exercises maximally effective, the attempts of your the entire time, butt hook, on carefully.

2. Frogger Variation

The next three Exercises are aimed primarily at the thighs, demanding, but also the abdominal muscles.

You can stay on the back; only your legs are in front of your body bent in the air.

Tip: To keep the Exercise appeals to your lower abdominal muscles, you can anspannnen targeted by you to move the belly button.

Eighth in the execution to ensure that your lower back solid on the ground and you don’t fall into a hollow back.

3. Outer Thigh-Variation

It continues with Exercises, especially your lateral leg muscles to work.

Place yourself first, from side to side on your Mat. Winkle the resting leg slightly so that you are in a stable Position, and support your torso on the upper arm.

After you’ve done all the three variants for a side, then the other leg of the series.

4. Sumo Squat to Cross

At the conclusion of an Exercise in which truly in itself is still to come. But remember: you’re almost there – just one last Minute.

  • Position Squat you first, Sumo: The legs far apart in a deep squat, the torso upright.
  • Press you from this Position to the right-side-up, by stretch out your legs is to stand on the tips of your toes.
  • Solve the left foot from the ground and use it as a during this movement, the front of your right foot.
  • Remain short on the tips of your toes, solve you and sink you back into the Sumo Squat, before you get this movement on the other side.

Maddie positioned in this Exercise, your hands on your shoulder. The advantage of this is that your legs have to work harder, because you neither more stability nor swing your arms to generate can.

Although the Workout is quite short, your muscles are exhausted by the unfamiliar tension certainly pretty. Anyway at the last Minute, everything from the Exercise to get a to match your breathing to the movements: Inhale deeply, if you absenkst you in the Sumo Squat and exhale when you push yourself back up to the top.

Cornelia Bertram

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