Nerves for newcomers: Serenity in the Job can be trained

To start to working life, is exciting. Especially in the case of important conversations or crucial appointments with Customers but young workers want employment with a Portion of more Serenity. How can the gain?

First of all, it can help to be aware of the fact, with what aims, and emotions, you go to the interview and what is the Motivation of the subject is over-explains Monika Heilmann, conflict Coach and author in the journal ‘Unicum’ (02/2020).

Newcomers should consider, why an interview takes place and who is invited.

If in advance it is clear, whether it is a conflict conversation, a negotiation, or a routine meeting, you can adapt better to the Situation.

Own feelings in the interview address?

Emotions to suppress, not help, however, for a Laidback appearance. Heilmann is recommended to separate the property and the level of relationship in the conversation.

This professional must learn beginners, to reflect on your own feelings during a conversation, and consider whether you can address.

A conversation partner is, for example angry, you can pick up on the careful: “I realize now that the course of a conversation like that. Can I do something for you?”

To master this sovereign, would require but a lot of Practice. ‘Unicum’ advises to practice the self-conscious Talk at home in front of the mirror. Also, special training, public speaking and theatre courses or a speaking club can help, with time, is safer to perform.

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