Naomi Campbell, 50, Just Shared Her Full At-Home Workout On Instagram\u2014And It’s Intense

  • Naomi Campbell, 50, just shared her full at-home workout on Instagram TV.
  • The supermodel does strength training and TRX before moving on to boxing.
  • You can watch Naomi’s full-body, 30-minute workout and try it at home yourself.

When celebrities share their at-home workouts on Instagram, they usually just give you a few tidbits, like a couple shots of themselves owning the battle ropes or crushing a few leg presses. Not Naomi Campbell. The 50-year-old supermodel just dropped her entire at-home workout on Insta and—whew—it’s intense.

“Thursday workout with Naomi,” she simply captioned the post. So…let’s dive in!

The whole thing starts off with Naomi adjusting the camera a bunch and asking if it’s actually working. Then, she actually gets going while listening to Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody.”

“Good morning! Rise and shine! Let’s work out!” Naomi says cheerily. She then starts lightly slapping the muscles all over her body to get them warmed up while stepping in place. She throws in some high knees and high kicks—she’s flexible!—and takes a timeout to try to get her music going again. Oh, and she gets tested for COVID-19 by someone in full hazmat gear.

Then, it’s back to working out! Naomi does some squats with a medicine ball before moving on to planks and arm lifts with TRX bands. You get a solid shot of Naomi’s knees for a while, before she starts gearing up for boxing. She spars with her trainer and, btw, Naomi does not mess around with throwing punches.

Naomi takes a quick breather afterward (fair) and then gets back to sparring again.

Then, it’s down to the mat, where Naomi does some pretty intense-looking leg lifts and leg crossovers to work her legs and abs. “Whew!” she says at one point.

Finally, Naomi wraps things up with some stretching.

TL;DR: Naomi really focuses on an all-over workout, and it’s surprisingly recreatable at home.

And that, everybody, is part of the reason why she manages to look like this at 50:

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