Lower Corona contagion risk: fitness classes outside?

In almost all of the länder, the gyms are open, subject to certain conditions in the Corona pandemic now and again. Only in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Berlin sport may enthusiastic still only in your own four walls or under the free sky train.

The latter would be for community fitness courses the first idea. The best Open-Air fitness studios, even the virologist Andreas Podbielski says.

Strict rules for fitness studios

The was connected to part of one on the other day announced the lifting of the gym for a ban in the individual Federal States, in spite of the priority of joy for many Gym operators with some challenges.

Because the conditions that must meet to ensure maximum health security in its premises, are strictly.

In Germany radio Nova’ tells, for example, Christian Olzsewski, district Manager of a fitness Studio chain in Cologne, how he revolutionized within two days of his whole Studio concept.

The customers have to register online in advance and would have a maximum of 75 minutes for your training session.

Only, who is already wearing his sports clothes, is admitted. Before and after the visit electronic disinfectant dispensers are available at the in – and outputs.

The training devices were all three meters distance from each other, and would be cleaned after each training session by the staff.

In addition, the Studio owner explained that the Indoor Cycling room and other classrooms remained closed: “We go to this High Intensity Training, but act in a really low heart rate range, of course, especially in the area of strength training and muscle training. Since we keep the Abatmen of these aerosols absolute minimum of the area.”

The fitness Studio remains “a special place for viruses”

Andreas Podbielski, Director of the Institute for medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene, University hospital Rostock, compared to the re-opening of the fitness chains, nevertheless, critical.

Despite these and other protection measures, the gym will remain a special place for the virus, he says in an Interview with Germany radio Nova’ concern: “Different than Restaurants, we have a fitness Studio, the Problem is that people move extensively and violently to breathe.”

The infection risk seems to be higher, the more strenuous a sport in enclosed spaces was, it is a presumption, which emphasizes a study, from the journal ‘Emerging Infectious Diseases’ in addition.

In the gallery: how to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria

In the study, the infection outbreaks in a South Korean gym studied in more detail. Many of the participants had put in dance classes with the infected trainers face.

A particularly high infection rate of 60 percent was found to be a particularly strenuous dance class. At the same time, none of the participants in a more relaxed Yoga class infected in the same time.

At least the obligation to make a mouth-nose cover or in fitness studios holds Podbielski, therefore, an absolute Must – see “and correctly worn”.

Other (Federal)countries, other customs

That high-intensity interval training should be, in all the länder are actually in agreement.

A nationwide Mask requirement for the User is not provided yet. And even otherwise, the obligations of the state differ to state, sometimes considerably.

The consumer portal ‘CHIP’ has created a listing of all the rules for the gyms in the different States.

Just nationwide fitness chains, the need to adapt to different ways, can come about even without physical activity already breaking a sweat.

In the circumstances, one could assume at the end that the installation of the fitness equipment would be out at the end not only safer, but may even be easier to implement.

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