Looking For a New Hobby? This Study Says That Gardening Can Boost Your Mood More Than Other Activities

We often hear about the importance of spending time outdoors, connecting with nature, and generally taking a break from technology. A recent trend has sprung up to make cities more livable and sustainable.

Civic leaders and urban planners have started investing in recreational activities and outdoor spaces. Many popular activities like biking and playing golf get a lot of attention. Hence, other lesser-known ones tend to get overlooked easily. One largely overlooked activity is home gardening. But, you’ll be surprised by what recent research has uncovered about the underrated recreation.

The profound benefits you could enjoy just by growing a home garden will amaze you. It doesn’t even matter if you stick with a small garden in your balcony or a larger one in your backyard. You can have tremendous improvements in your health just by growing some plants.

Princeton University conducted a study on achieving emotional well-being and happiness through recreational activities. The study found that a large array of people felt the same level of satisfaction and happiness while gardening as other people did while indulging in other activities.

The researchers also found something very interesting during the study. Only women and people from low-income backgrounds reported higher emotional well-being while gardening. One of the corresponding authors of the study described the phenomena is a very eloquent manner.

Dr. Anu Ramaswami explained that fresh vegetables and fruits provide many health benefits for low-income families who otherwise cannot afford them. He says that gardening also reinforces healthy behavior, which thereby promotes emotional well-being.

Dr. Graham Ambrose, another corresponding author, claims that these findings were similar across racial boundaries, and between people from urban and suburban areas alike.

Benefits of Home Gardening

So, how does a garden benefit your health? What does it do for you?

We all deserve time away from the world

Many keen gardeners talk about the time they spend indulging in their hobby as their time. The fresh air will help you think clearly and rid yourself of all ill thoughts. You’ll keep longing for those little breaks you get away from technology and the hustle-bustle of the world.

It can lift your mood

With all the chaos ongoing in the world, who wouldn’t want a mood relaxer? And a natural one, too. We’re sure that escaping from your lives would make you happy as it is, but why stop there? In case you weren’t aware, many garden plants are known for being used as natural mood lifters. These heavenly plants include chamomile, lavender, sunflower, etc

You will be healthy and physically fit

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important, but we continue to struggle with it for many reasons. Some people have difficulty spending money on buying fresh produce every day. With your home garden, you won’t need to spend money on vegetables or fruits and will be able to provide nutritious food to your body daily. On top of that, your body will get lots of exercise while gardening which will further improve your physical health.

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