Home Workout without equipment: Functional Training for the whole body with Coach Curtis

With this Fullbody Workout you keep you home fit and without any devices or other Equipment.

You only need a Mat, something to drink and yourself.

After a short Warm-Up in a total of three sets with three Exercises for legs, Core and upper body.

Three sets of three Exercises

Each Exercise is performed for thirty seconds, then thirty seconds of rest to follow. Makes a total of three to four passages. In the first sentence, it goes right to the point.

Kneeling To Standing

For the first Exercise, you will geknieter Position and put a leg. It is important that you avoiding the leg under the body to pass to the front of the bring – so on the sides.

Then you press with the load on the positioned foot to the top in the state. The same way you go back, until both knees are on the ground again, to set the other legs up and hit you about this high in the state.

The buttocks and the abdomen are tense all the time fixed. Perform the Exercise for thirty seconds and pause, then thirty seconds.

Kick Throughs

For the Kick Throughs you out of the arm support.

A foot, you’re now far to the front, and put it outside next to the hands. Then you lead him back to the starting position and switch legs.

Who can more, if the foot is in front positioned, the other leg under the body and through the arms round to the front and holds it just above the ground.

The front of the Position should be kept short and the hip to drop, then back.

Jumping Jacks

It Jumping Jacks to follow for thirty seconds. The arms take this nice and high on the head. Start with put-together legs.

Drawing in the last seconds of the pace again right at the.

Also, the second and the third set have it all

With Exercises like the swimmers, a Plank Walkout, and the Hip Bridge Curtis brings, as announced, the whole body into the swing.

For all of the Exercises is, bottom and stomach must be tense. This is always the trained, the entire Muscular system, and strengthened.

The rest of the Exercises is explained in detail and are prepared to get, visit our Fit-For-Fun YouTube Channel, and directly.

The benefits of functional body training

Full-Body Workouts are ideal for those of you who want to first build a basic muscle or in Training as many muscle groups want to appeal to, in order to save time.

On top of that is driven in a full body-workout the fat-burning face. Since all areas are trained, it is also quickly working up a sweat doing by the way, something for the cardiovascular System.

The lunges and Plank Exercises are the characteristics of a functional exercise. They help to stabilize the entire body and to fortify muscles, Tendons and joints for the stresses in everyday life.

A Functional Training is therefore also suitable particularly for athletes of other sports.


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