Full pot of creativity: iced tea with these tips, very easy to prepare

It is hot, and the thirst that comes is usually mineral water, the drink of choice. Two to three liters per day is recommended. However, this amount of water can be alone a bit boring.

If you like his taste buds variety of treat, bought a homemade iced tea. This variety of glass is associated with less effort than one might think.

Just a Cup of tea of choice cook it cold or with ice to rapidly cool down and then with the ingredients to your own taste spice it up – this is the delicious Alternative to industrially manufactured ready-to-drinks, the iced tea is.

In the case of the magazine ‘Ökotest complained’ again and again, “Too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, hardly any fruit shares, and instead, the flavors from the lab”.

Hands off, therefore advises the German society for nutrition in Bonn – to high-risk for Obesity and the development of caries is.

Delicious iced tea with herbs, fruit and juice

So, get to the self-creations: Almost all teas in iced tea turn. They get along great with chopped strawberries, nectarines, lychees or lemons, and fresh herbs like mint or rosemary.

With a view to fruit tea merchant Alexander Poetsch from Nuremberg, however, recommends that teas without hibiscus, because of the taste sour with a long steeping time.

“Fruit teas on the Basis of Apples and pears are not suitable better, these varieties according to bitter,” says Poetsch. Be tip: fruit teas without hibiscus blossoms, flavoured Green, Black or Rooibos tea, as well as generally mint-containing blends.

“The flavoured teas bring sometimes a reason sweet and therefore require little to no accessories,” says Poetsch.

The classic iced tea is a black tea that is flavoured with sugar, or different varieties of fruit syrup.

Popular with the idea to serve iced tea made the British plantation owner, Richard Blechynden, white Kyra Schaper by the German tea – and herbal tea Association.

Blechynden had delight in 1904 as head of the ‘East India pavilion’ at the world exhibition in the American St. Louis, the mission of the Americans for Indian tea.

The humid-hot climate in the US southern States, was not done to necessarily have to taste to hot drinks. So the resourceful businessman cooled the hot black tea and the ‘Iced Tea’ saw the light of the world.

Recipes and Videos for iced tea are to be found on the Website of the Teeverbands, such as the “lime-magic”, the green tea with passion fruit juice, Tabasco and ginger-Orange soda pop ice brings together. “Treat that is prepared in a quarter of an hour,” said Kyra Schaper.

Tonic Water or Ginger Ale put the nuances

Teesommelier Klaus Brühl, Cologne, tasted in its “pleasure centre” in the summer of self-mixed iced teas. Iced tea-To-Go he cooks in the morning, fresh and refined it depending on your mood.

He used herbal or fruit teas or black tea or type of tea is Earl Grey with its bergamot flavor.

Ginger, lemon grass or mint complement his iced tea creations. “To Finish I would like to take Tonic Water or Ginger Ale, to put the nuances,” he says.

It is important for him that his iced tea also clears really quench the thirst and for refreshment provides, that is why he used no sugar.

Twice to three times the amount of tea provides flavor

And how the tea is cooled best? Who is lazy, cook a pot of tea, lets it cool and puts the tea in the refrigerator or some ice cubes into the glass.

So the tea through the ice water to thin, should be prepared the tea at a higher concentration, depending on your preference, two or three times as much as usual.

“This means, if you used four spoons of tea for a pot of tea, you should now use eight to twelve spoons,” says Alexander Poetsch.

Alternatively, a pot is filled with many ice cubes. In this, the hot, freshly-prepared tea is poured. So the tea cools quickly.

The so-called “shock-cooling” ensures that the bright colour and the fresh Aroma of the tea remain.

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