From nature: Four foods that can help against headaches

In the morning it is, for many of the “First coffee!”. The distributes not only fatigue, but also a widespread Suffering: headache.

As a painkiller, it need not necessarily be a tablet – sometimes it also the right foods.

These four natural helpers from the kitchen can help against headaches.

1. Coffee

Coffee has almost everyone in the domestic kitchen or in the office is to Hand. Good, because then you can save and possibly as the handle for a headache tablet.

The reason for this, the stimulating effect of coffee caffeine is. With the improved blood flow to the thinking apparatus then comes back into shot.

But: the more The merrier! With the coffee sipping, you should not overdo it.

According to a study, up to six cups per day are in the frame, however, each person responds differently to the cult drink. Whom filter coffee and does not get well, it can try once more with the Espresso. This is often easier to tolerate.

2. Garlic

is an all-in-wonder. He can lower the blood pressure and the substances Alliin and selenium to let the blood flow better. This comes from a person, whose throbbing temples give no rest to Good.

In addition, garlic contains minerals such as potassium and vitamins including Vitamin A, C and E.

As an aromatic seasoning in pasta dishes or in marinades for fish and meat it would make it easy for you to integrate a clove of garlic in the diet.

The Knobigeruch on the fingers to get rid of get again by (rubs apart from washing hands) his fingers on the stainless steel sink – it neutralizes the smell.

3. Water

Dehydration often leads to headaches. Especially in warm temperatures, in case of illness or playing a Sport, it is important, therefore, to his flüssiggeit resources to replenish, otherwise the headache is often not far away.

Per day you should drink at least 1.5 Liter of water, so that the tip of Nadia Röwe from the consumer information service aid. Other recommendations range even up to three litres a day.

That the body needs more water, he shows a way, not only headache, but also impure skin or problems with concentration.

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4. Ginger

Ginger is used as a home remedy for cold, cough and hoarseness – but when the head presses can create the tuber remedy.

The ingredients in ginger reduce the secretion of substances which can cause pain or swelling, and inhibit hormones (prostaglandins) involved in pain mediation an important role.

Prostaglandins can expand the brain blood vessels. As a result of a kind of pressure in the skull can occur, which makes itself as head pain.

Tip: if you don’t like ginger in raw Form, you can create a delicious and healthy ginger tea.

Olivia Samnick

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